Saturday, September 23, 2023

MURDOCK: Transgenderism Is the New Homophobia

These transgender homophobes have taken conversion therapy well beyond faith. They have replaced prayers with needles and Bibles with knives...

(Deroy Murdock, Headline USA) “Stop transing gay kids,” pleads a placard that Gays Against Groomers and others have used to decry the mounting menace of transgenderism, particularly as it targets grade-school boys and girls.

This picket sign encapsulates two inconvenient truths about the trans movement:

First, trans activists too often conclude that a little boy who prefers the library to the basketball court is, deep down, a lass trapped in a lad’s body. Hence, the former must be liberated from the latter.

Likewise, a “tomboy,” who favors blue jeans and flannel shirts over pastel skirts and floral blouses. The trans crowd would decide that she is a “he” who needs their help to make that condition permanent.

So, such kids must be channeled into pronoun reassignment, gender counseling, and— before long—puberty-blocking-hormone shots.

In the most extreme cases, “gender-affirming care” (today’s most fraudulent euphemism) prescribes that penises get sliced away and breasts get lopped off.

But what if such children are just unconventional, late bloomers, or simply passing through pre-teen phases? Perhaps they will reach puberty and become—respectively—more masculine, more feminine and then, heterosexual?

Alternatively, what if they determine at pubescence that they are homosexual and then blossom into perfectly happy gay men and lesbian women?

This extreme movement spurns such personal development and steers little boys and girls onto the trans track.

Now, here is that picket sign’s second inconvenient truth: Transgenderism is the new homophobia.

Maturing into a man who hungers for men or a woman who thirsts for women is not enough for the transgender radicals. An entire industry has erupted to push and pull children past growing up either straight or gay, and, instead, transitioning permanently to the opposite sex. Too often, this treacherous path’s final stops are chemical intervention and genital-mutilation surgery.

This is how the transgender movement cancels potential gay people and corrals them into switching sexes.

This is terrifying and outrageous. It is homophobia turbocharged with syringes and scalpels.

“Part of the trans epidemic is that kids did not feel and do not feel like it’s OK to be gay,” recovering transgender clinician Jamie Reed told TRIGGERnometry on YouTube. “They tell us it’s almost better to be trans.” And trans evangelists reinforce such thoughts.

What if gay adults you know had experienced what prospectively gay children endure today? Imagine that your gay friend Robert, who lives happily with Kevin, instead had gotten carved years ago into a woman named Roberta.

And picture Amanda, who married Janet in 2018. What if she had become Adam, ever since school counselors cornered her, persuaded her to take testosterone shots, and then directed her to a doctor who amputated her breasts—with neither her parents’ knowledge nor permission?

No wonder conservative commentor Dave Rubin, who is gay, told Fox News’s Dana Perino on May 22: “There is no group out there that is more anti-gay than the trans movement.”

Adam Zivo recently observed in Canada’s National Post that “in many cases, pediatric gender identity services amount to conversion therapy for homosexual children. Young, gay children, particularly effeminate boys and masculine girls, are being pressured into falsely identifying as transgender, thereby ‘transing away the gay.’”

Some conservative religious groups have tried to “pray the gay away,” thus enraging gay-rights groups. Today’s trans movement picks up where these fundamentalists left off.

Trans activists cannot leave young, potential homosexuals alone and let them grow up in peace and eventually become heterosexual, bisexual or homosexual. Instead, they too frequently prey upon them; speed them past possible lives as gay, bi or straight people; and inject and sculpt them into the other sex.

These transgender homophobes have taken conversion therapy well beyond faith. They have replaced prayers with needles and Bibles with knives.

Gay people should be blowing the whistle more loudly than anyone else to stop this monstrous movement that is erasing homosexuals more thoroughly than any preacher ever did.

Deroy Murdock is a Manhattan-based Fox News Contributor.

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