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MTG Seeks Probe of Groomer Allegations against Far-Right Provocateur

'When I’ve flirted or others have flirted with me, I’ve flexed my credentials or dropped corny pick up lines...'

(Ken Silva, Headline USARight-wing political infighting has blown up on the public stage after Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., said Monday that the FBI should investigate pedophilia accusations levied against political operator Ali Alexander, a key figure in the MAGA “Stop the Steal” movement.

Greene was reacting to a report that came out earlier that day from the left-leaning Daily Beast, which detailed allegations that Alexander had solicited nude photographs from teenagers multiple times, including from a 15-year old in 2017 and a 17-year old in 2019.

“This is disgusting textbook predation of underage boys. And Nick Fuentes was in on it,” Greene said, referring to Fuentes, the controversial Christian nationalist who had dinner with Donald Trump and Kanye West late last year.

It should be noted that Greene’s former intern, Milo Yiannopoulos, has been in a public feud with Alexander and Fuentes since the trio had a falling out in the wake of the Trump–West–Fuentes dinner last year. Some observers suspect that the entire spectacle was engineered by Yiannopoulos, a notorious alt-right provocateur who also weathered past allegations of pedophilia.

Fuentes pointed out the connections between Greene and Yiannopoulos on Monday, after Yiannopoulos posted purported screenshots of Alexander’s solicitations. Fuentes said Yiannopoulos still lives in Greene’s “rented campaign house.”

But regardless of whether Yiannopoulos was behind Greene’s call for the FBI to investigate Alexander and Fuentes, the facts do appear to be damning against the two.

Citing a March 2023 podcast appearance, the Daily Beast reported that the 15-year old did, in fact, send a nude photograph to Alexander at his request.

“In 2017, Aidan Duncan—a 15-year-old boy in Colorado interested in right-wing politics—sent Alexander nude pictures after the MAGA activist asked him for them,” the Daily Beast reported.

“While Duncan was a high-school sophomore just starting out in politics, Alexander was a 32-year-old with a decade of political work for the Republican Party behind him,” it continued. “And now he was willing to share the connections he had gained through that work with Duncan, as long as the teenager met certain preconditions, including secrecy.”

According to the Daily Beast, Alexander told Duncan that “you’ll have [me] sharing my entire network with you” in exchange for sexual favors.

Alexander has reportedly apologized for his actions.

“I apologize for any inappropriate messages sent over the years,” Alexander wrote, according to the Daily Beast.

“When I’ve flirted or others have flirted with me, I’ve flexed my credentials or dropped corny pick up lines,” he continued. “Other times, I’ve been careless and should’ve qualified those coming up to me’s (sic) identities during flirtatious banter at the start.”

Fuentes also indicated that Alexander will be taking a break from public life.

“And I urged him to do that,” Fuentes said.

Ken Silva is a staff writer at Headline USA. Follow him at twitter.com/jd_cashless.

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