Monday, July 15, 2024

More Evidence that Fox News is Going Woke: Report

'Fox News employees are allowed to use bathrooms that align with their gender identity, rather than their biological sex, and permitted to dress in alignment with their preferred gender... '

(Robert Jonathan, Headline USA) With the massive reverberations of Tucker Carlson’s separation from Fox News still being felt, a report has emerged that casts further doubt on the network’s current conservative bona fides.

Policies set forth in a purported FNC company handbook appear consistent with the gender ideology that has gained such currency throughout much of corporate America.

An unidentified former Carlson producer told the Daily Signal that “They want you to think it’s this place that supports traditionally conservative values. But in reality, they’re pushing this nonsense behind the scenes.”

Another unnamed ex-employee claimed that “Fox News devotes hours of programming to attacking ‘woke companies,’ but ironically Fox is as woke as the rest of them.”

The Signal outlet obtained a copy of the FNC handbook, which contains a January 2021 date.

“Fox News employees are allowed to use bathrooms that align with their gender identity, rather than their biological sex, and permitted to dress in alignment with their preferred gender,” the Signal reported. “They must also be addressed by their preferred name and pronouns in the workplace.”

In addition, “Fox also offers to help employees come up with a ‘Workplace Transition Plan’ to ease their gender transition at work.”

The Daily Signal implied that Fox News has to go along with employment laws in New York City, or elsewhere, as a condition of doing business in those locations controlled by Democrats.

In a statement to various media outlets, a spokesperson for the channel explained that “Fox News Media is compliant with all Human Rights laws mandated by the cities and states in which we operate, including New York and California.

The Daily Signal revelations prompted the Columbia Bugle to quip that Fox “is going full Bud Light,” in reference to the Dylan Mulvaney promo that has led to plummeting sales for the beer brand.

Further on the subject of Mulvaney controversy, the Daily Signal article asserted that “high-level Fox executives” allegedly ordered producers on the post-Carlson placeholder known as Fox News Tonight “not to bash Mulvaney.”

On her podcast, Megyn Kelly noted the following about the handbook protocol:

“Some of that is due to New York City law, which is as far left on this stuff as you can get, but there is nothing in New York City law that says you can’t bash Dylan Mulvaney when he’s making a mockery of womanhood.”

She added, “So if that actually happened, that’s a Fox directive, and it does sort of evince why people are having trouble with the ‘new’ Fox News Channel.”

In a Twitter thread, the Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh, of What is a Woman? fame, claimed he was banned from Fox New.

He too, advocated for Fox News “to get the full bud light treatment.”

Various conservative influencers expressed similar sentiments on social media.

In what might be an overstatement, Walsh told the Daily Signal that “There’s no daylight at all between Fox News and MSNBC when it comes to gender,” and that Fox has “embraced radical leftism in its most extreme form.”

Since the departure of Tucker Carlson, America’s most influential political pundit, Fox News Channel has hemorrhaged viewers and lost much goodwill with its audience generally, as well as an enormous amount of market value.

According to Carlson’s biographer, journalist Chadwick Moore, a frequent guest on the top-rated show, the host was planning to deliver a monologue about J6 provocateur Ray Epps on the evening of the same day that Tucker Carlson Tonight was abruptly cancelled.

With Carlson gone, there are reports that skittish advertisers have returned to Tucker’s former time slot at 8 p.m. Eastern time, however.

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