Monday, June 24, 2024

Legacy Media Pours Greasy Gravy over Bidenflation Thanksgiving

'Replace meat dishes with vegetables — frozen, not fresh... '

(Mark Pellin, Headline USA) The Biden administration’s collectivist collaborators in the mainstream media did their required heavy lifting for the regime leading up to Thanksgiving, trying to convince consumers there was nothing wrong with a little inflation for the holidays.

An MRC analysis showed that the three major legacy networks (ABC, CBS and NBC) devoted an inordinate amount of airtime in the two weeks prior to Turkey Day instructing viewers on how “to host thrifty potluck Thanksgiving dinners featuring drink rations, expired ingredients, and frozen food.”

The networks aired a combined 13 different media spots “advising their viewers on how to save money for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday,” without acknowledging that the Biden administration’s ruinous policies driving inflation were the reason why consumers might have to use stale bread and sour milk, NewsBusters reported.

Instead, blame for skyrocketing prices was cast on everything from the avian flu to Russia’s war in Ukraine for the higher cost of turkeys this year.

Thinner wallets across the country, as well as hard numbers, showed a bleaker reality. Consumer prices were up across the board for Thanksgiving provisions, according to The Hill.

Food prices have soared nearly 11% from last October, with grocery prices, which exclude restaurants, jumped 12.4%, according to the Labor Department’s consumer price index. Poultry prices increased upwards of 15% and pre-made baked goods, baking mixes and frozen desserts were all at least 15% more expensive.

Blaming the Biden administration’s policies without blaming the administration’s polices by name, Laura Strange, senior vice president for the National Grocers Association, attributed the price hikes to “labor shortages, higher fuel costs and wages, and supply chain snarls,” reported The Hill.

The prices increases combined to shoot up the cost of an average Thanksgiving dinner by 16% compared to last year, according to estimates from the American Farm Bureau Federation.

The fake news fix was simple. Eat gruel, or at least settle for less, as a way to beat the price hikes. NBC’s Today correspondent Vicky Nguyen recommended cooking with sour milk, along with doling out beverages to guests limited to “one drink per person, per hour,” noted NewsBusters.

Nguyen also suggested people save on guest accommodations by using “folding chairs from poker night” or “a bench that can seat three people.”

Not to be outdone, CBS Mornings advised viewers to “replace meat dishes with vegetables — frozen, not fresh,” according to the MRC analysis.

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