Unhinged Leftists Sound Increasingly Desperate Defending Biden

'Many people have lost faith in government and we’re seeing a rise in authoritarianism...'

Amid a barrage of recent policy failures, radical leftists are refusing to concede defeat, instead doubling down to target critics within their own party as dangerous insurrectionists.

Leading the charge was Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., who proclaimed this week that all congressmen of the president’s party must vote with what that president wants, the National File reported.

The self-proclaimed democratic socialist declared that fellow Democrat Sens. Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona “do not have the right to sabotage what 48 want and what the President wants.”

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Sanders’s comments came amid cratering poll numbers for the current administration, threatening to derail the $3.5 trillion socialist spending package that he helped spearhead.

Biden already acknowledged on a trip to Michigan earlier in the week that the topline figure pushed by the party’s fringe elements was destined to come down.

But Sanders—and many others on the Left—have taken up a peculiar view of deliberation and legislation, arguing that the will of the president is ultimately the standard by which others should act.

The failure is a far cry from the early months of the administration, during which radical leftists touted how pleasantly surprised they were by the overreaching excesses of Biden’s agenda.

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Back in May, Sanders praised Biden for his sweeping plans to re-engineer America and “Build Back Better.”

“He has bold ideas, I think, for infrastructure, for climate change,” he said at the time. “And he understands also that at a time when so many people have lost faith in government and we’re seeing a rise in authoritarianism that it is absolutely imperative that we develop policies where people see that government can work for them. I think he understands that, and that’s pretty big.”

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