Saturday, March 2, 2024

Leftist Mag Calls Out Dems’ ‘Disinformation’ Bait-and-Switch

'How could a man who appeared to them so transparently abhorrent and clownish be welcomed by others as a savior... '

(Molly Bruns, Headline USA) New York Magazine published a piece calling out Democrats for using “disinformation” as a straw man to cope with Donald Trump’s 2016 win, Breitbart reported.

“’Disinformation’ was the leftist Establishment’s traumatic reaction to the psychic wound of 2016,” Sam Adler-Bell wrote in New York Magazine‘s “Intelligencer” column.

Adler-Bell goes explained how the label of “disinformation” has been harmful to the Democrat cause, as it effects how their views are seen by ordinary Americans.

One problem with this assessment, Adler-Bell wrote, is that when leftists cry “disinformation,” it “allows them to lie to themselves.”

“How could a man who appeared to them so transparently abhorrent and clownish be welcomed by others as a savior—or at least as a tolerable alternative to the status quo?”

“[‘Disinformation!’] provided an answer that evaded the question altogether, protecting them from the agony of self-reflection,” he explained. “… The problem was that large swaths of the country had been duped, brainwashed by nefarious forces both foreign and domestic.”

“This fantasy turned a political problem into a scientific one. The rise of Trump called not for new politics but new technocrats.”

Adler-Bell continued, explaining why the delay and cancellation of the Disinformation Governance Board is probably a good thing.

“By doubling down on elite technocracy—and condescension toward the uneducated rubes suffering from false consciousness—liberals have tended to exacerbate the sources of populist hostility,” he wrote.

Most, with the exception of a small band of leftists and former board leader Nina Jankowicz, seem to agree that the disbanding of the board—colloquially known as the ‘Ministry of Truth’—is a good thing.

Jankowicz has gone on a media blitz to defend herself since renouncing her position, and has claimed that by criticizing her, Republicans were threatening national security, according to Townhall.

“It is quite ironic that Republicans decontextualized a couple of tweets … & parts of my personal life that have been picked on in this childish game in order to endanger our national security,” she said in an interview with CBS News.

In an interview with CNN, Jankowicz also claimed that the board was “unfortunately and ironically… undone exactly by a disinformation campaign coming from folks who apparently want to put our national security behind their own personal political ambitions.”

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