LEE SMITH: FBI Subpoenaed Hunter’s Laptop for Cover-Up, Not Probe

'[T]he evidence shows that the FBI is one of many institutions that no longer belong to the American public...'

In the lead up to President Donald Trump’s partisan impeachment last year by House Democrats, the FBI visited John Paul Mac Isaac‘s Wilmington, Delaware computer-repair shop to retrieve the computer it had previously analyzed forensically.

They took the computer, which had been abandoned by Hunter Biden, under the auspices of a formal investigation.

But throughout Trump’s subsequent impeachment hearings—at the heart of which was the question of whether the president was justified in asking Ukraine to reopen a corruption probe linked to the Bidens’ business deals—the FBI was silent.

According to conservative investigative journalist Lee Smith, that was no accident.

As with other phony probes, such as the “Operation Mid-Year Exam” probe into Hillary Clinton’s abuse of a private email server and the investigation of a “noose” hanging on the garage of NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace, the investigation of the laptop was “performative,” Smith said.

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“If the FBI had really been investigating the Burisma case, Trump wouldn’t have had to ask the Ukrainian president for help investigating potential Biden family corruption in Ukraine because the bureau would have found it,” Smith wrote in a commentary for the Epoch Times.

“But because the FBI wasn’t investigating the risk to U.S. national security that Hunter Biden’s work for an allegedly corrupt foreign enterprise entailed, House Democrats impeached the president to protect the Bidens,” he continued.

The FBI only reluctantly acknowledged its investigation after the story came to light thanks to Mac Isaac’s foresight in copying the evidence and furnishing it to Trump adviser Rudy Giuliani.

Even then, it took the evidence of an FBI receipt and the corroborating testimony of ex-Biden business partner Tony Bobulinski for the bureau to step forward.

“After the New York Post published damning excerpts from correspondence found on the laptop, the bureau needed to show it was in hot pursuit. But it wasn’t,” Smith said.

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“Otherwise, the FBI would have interviewed Bobulinski, whose name is on correspondence found on the laptop, long before last month’s kabuki show.”

Naturally, Smith said, the arrival of a Biden administration would assure that the probe was buried indefinitely, along with other Obama-era scandals that Trump hoped to shed light on until his own intelligence community resisted him.

“[T]he evidence shows that the FBI is one of many institutions that no longer belong to the American public,” Smith said. “Rather, its job is to protect and advance the privileges and interests of an increasingly powerful class of elites who draw their wealth and prestige from their relationships with corrupt foreign entities.”

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