Thursday, March 30, 2023
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YouTube Suspends, Demonetizes OANN over COVID Video

Dems warn that Big Tech 'cannot backslide or regress in its moral and civic responsibility to protect our democracy...'

With Fox News on the wane among conservatives, the One America News Network has been one of the prime beneficiaries.

But on Tuesday, the burgeoning outlet long touted by President Donald Trump paid the price for its sin of questioning liberal dogma as Google-owned YouTube deplatformed it.

The network was suspended for a week and given one strike for allegedly posting false information about the coronavirus, according to Reclaim the Net.

YouTube also demonetized all of OANN’s videos for posting the feature about a COVID cure, meaning that it will have to re-apply to the video-streaming site’s partner program in order to receive any advertising revenue.

The censorship is part of an alarming trend of left-wing corporate media attempting to silence its opposition as it loses the information battle.

Google and its parent-company Alphabet, although not in direct competition in the news industry, have come under harsh fire for their monopolistic business practices, as well as their activist agenda.

The company’s employees gave considerably to Joe Biden’s candidacy, and consequently Google’s news aggregation services tamped down on stories such as the laptop scandal of Biden’s son, Hunter, which implicated members of the Democrat nominee’s immediate family in corrupt foreign business deals, adultery, drug abuse, pedophilia, incest and more.

Leftist media outlets also falsely projected a blue wave prior to the election and have prematurely declared victory for Biden, while denying evidence of widespread vote fraud that has led Trump’s legal team to lodge challenges to several states’ tallies.

As a result, voter have veered toward OANN, along with Newsmax and the Christian Broadcasting Network.

Meanwhile, sites such as Rumble have emerged as alternative video-streaming platforms, and Parler has grown into a formidable rival to social-media outlets like Twitter.

Meanwhile, leftist power-brokers have waged a sustained pressure campaign to suppress the opposing sites even further.

During recent testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee in which the CEOs of Google, Facebook and Twitter were called upon to answer for their partisan activities, Democrat Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., was among those who grilled the witnesses on what additional steps they would take to block the spread of dangerous conservative ideas.

Blumenthal—who himself was caught lying about his own veteran status, among other things—doubled down on the pressure Tuesday, writing a letter to Twitter and Facebook to demand that they take action in the upcoming Georgia runoffs that would decide control of the Senate.

The platforms “must expect an onslaught of the malign tactics of voter suppression and delegitimization seen in the Presidential election, and cannot backslide or regress in its moral and civic responsibility to protect our democracy,” Blumenthal wrote in the letter, co-signed by four other far-left senators including Bernie Sanders, I-Vt.

“… These measures must build on the playbook used in the Presidential election: fact-checks, labels, restrictions on algorithmic amplification for misinformation, additional context on trending topics, and limits on the sharing of content that violates civic integrity policies,” it continued. “You also committed to studying the effectiveness of these measures in order to make them more robust.”

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