Sunday, May 28, 2023
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As U.S. Lawmakers Visit Taiwan, China Flies Combat Patrols Nearby

'The Chinese mainland has the final say in when and how to resolve the Taiwan question...'

As a U.S. delegation of lawmakers and staff convened in Taipei, Taiwan, the Chinese military conducted a “combat readiness patrol” near the island nation with some planes entering the Taiwanese defense zone, Reuters reported.

“The patrol was aimed at the ‘seriously wrong’ words and actions of ‘relevant countries’ on the Taiwan issue and the activities of pro-independence forces in Taiwan, a Chinese military spokesperson said in a statement,” obliquely referencing the U.S. lawmakers’ visit according to the wire service report.

China claims that Taiwan is a breakaway province that belongs under the rule of the Communist mainland regime.

The U.S., while historically supporting China’s claims to Taiwan, has also historically helped Taiwan defend itself from Chinese invasion or annexation.

A visit to Taiwan by U.S. officials always results in Chinese complaints about U.S. interference in Chinese affairs.

“An unconfirmed passenger manifest released by Taiwan-based Mirror Media said there were 13 people in the [U.S.] group, including four Republican senators and two representatives,” said local Dallas TV station CBS 21. “According to the online magazine, some of those in the group included Sen. Cornyn, Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) and their accompanying staff.”

Despite the official secrecy surrounding the visit, the Taiwan Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed the visit and said that the trip had been arranged by the American Institute in Taiwan, a private semi-embassy in Taiwan operated by the U.S. government according to CBS 21.

“Relations between Taipei and Beijing are at their lowest point in decades, marked by fiery rhetoric and military posturing,” said CNN. “Last month, China’s military sent a record number of warplanes into Taiwan’s air defense identification zone (ADIZ)—the area surrounding the island where Taipei says it will respond to any incursions.”

An official mouthpiece of the Beijing regime, the Global Times, called the visit by U.S. legislators “sudden and sneaky” and said that with Biden’s dropping popularity and the U.S. economic troubles, America wouldn’t dare risk war with China over Taiwan.

“There is no doubt that the dominant role of the situation and strategic rhythm across the Taiwan Straits has historically been transferred to the Chinese mainland,” said the regime-sponsored editorial, adding: “The Chinese mainland has the final say in when and how to resolve the Taiwan question.”

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