Friday, February 3, 2023
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JUDICIAL WATCH: Hundreds of U.S. Counties Have Dirty Voter Rolls

'Dirty voting rolls can mean dirty elections...'

A new study by Judicial Watch found that 353 U.S. counties have 1.8 million more registered voters than there are eligible voting-age citizens, meaning, each of these counties has a registration rate that exceeds 100% of eligible voters.

At least eight states have state-wide registration rates exceeding 100%: Alaska, Colorado, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, Rhode Island and Vermont, the study found.

Many of these registered voters are no longer “active voters,” which means they moved or passed away. The states are legally required to clean up their voter rolls and make sure that inactive voters are taken off of their voter rolls—something many states continue to fail to do.

Some states, including Wisconsin and California, have actively resisted efforts to clean the rolls, with Democrat officials supporting leftist groups like the League of Women Voters in waging lawsuits to prevent the rolls from being purged of inactive voters.

This problem will likely lend itself toward rampant voter fraud due to the increase in mail-in voting this election.

States that have adopted mail-in voting will automatically mail ballots and/or ballot applications to each registered voter on their voter roll—even the ones who are inactive.

That means hundreds of thousands of ballots and/or applications are being circulated randomly.

This underscores “the recklessness of mailing blindly ballots and ballot applications to voter registration lists,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said in a statement

“Dirty voting rolls can mean dirty elections,” Fitton added.

President Donald Trump and the GOP have warned that mail-in voting will lead to voter fraud, thereby eroding election integrity and public confidence in the results of November’s election.

“It’ll be fixed, it will be rigged. People ought to get smart,” Trump said earlier this summer. “This is going to be the greatest election disaster in history … They think they’re going to send hundreds of millions of ballots all over the United States and it’s gonna come out. You won’t know the election results for weeks, months, maybe years after. Maybe you’ll never know the election result. And that’s what I’m concerned with.”

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