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Impeacher-Turned-War Profiteer Alexander Vindman Wants American Boots in Ukraine

'The plan is to find 100 to 200 experienced contractors who would travel to Ukraine and embed themselves with small units near the front lines...'

(Ken Silva, Headline USARetired U.S. Army LTC Alexander Vindman, who gained fame for helping Democrats impeach President Donald Trump over delaying a Ukrainian arms deal, is now a private contractor seeking to profit from having American boots on the ground in Ukraine.

Politico revealed Vindman’s war profiteering in a Feb. 2 article, reporting that he’s heading a group called Trident Support, which wants to send American military contractors to Ukraine.

“The plan is to find 100 to 200 experienced contractors who would travel to Ukraine and embed themselves with small units near the front lines,” Politico reported. “Under the project, called Trident Support, those contractors would in turn teach the Ukrainian troops how to fix their equipment on the fly.”

Vindman’s dealings were further exposed Thursday, when Human Events published internal Trident Support documents that were reportedly divulged in a court dispute. The documents show that Vindman appears to be pitching his company’s services to the Ukrainian government.

According to the documents, Vindman, who is of Ukrainian origin, is seeking $12 million for his project—$2 million for “initial operating capability” and another $10 million for “full operating capability.”

The documents also contain inflammatory rhetoric about how a Trident-Ukraine partnership would be “an overt and vital demonstration of U.S. and NATO commitment to Ukraine.”

While that may be true, it would also signify a major step towards World War III—though that’s nothing new for Vindman. The retired military official has been vocal in sparking a hot war with Russia and helping Ukraine retake Crimea, which Russia annexed in 2014.

As Francis P. Sempa wrote for RealClear Wire earlier this month, Vindman claims that “swift and decisive Western military support” will help Ukraine “credibly threaten” to retake Crimea, which he claims will force Putin to negotiate, withdraw from Crimea, and will supposedly reduce the risks of a wider war.

“Vindman even lays out a tactical strategy that includes tying down Russian forces in the Luhansk, Kherson, and northern Donetsk regions, severing Russia’s land route to Ukraine by pushing through to the Sea of Azov, and interfering with Russia’s military resupply route by destroying the Kerch Strait Bridge that connects Russia to the Crimea,” Sempa wrote.

“This would be followed by ‘weeks of strikes’ on Russian armed forces, including air bases, naval installations, transportation nodes, and command and control centers.”

Then, in Vindman’s own words, Ukraine would launch “land and amphibious attacks to gain a foothold in Crimea,” and move on to seize Russia’s naval installation at Sevastopol.

What Vindman doesn’t mention is that his plan would run the risk of having entire U.S. cities wiped off the map with Russian nuclear weapons.

The Biden administration knows this—its top intelligence official, Avril Haines, warned last year that Putin would launch nukes “if he perceived an existential threat to the Russian state or regime”—but has yet to comment on Vindman’s meddling in Ukraine.

Ken Silva is a staff writer at Headline USA. Follow him at twitter.com/jd_cashless.

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