Friday, December 1, 2023

Hungarian Foreign Minister Destroys Media’s Attempted Immigration Smear

‘Why should we allow such kinds of people to enter the territory of Hungary? Why should we allow them to violate our border?...’

(Dmytro “Henry” Aleksandrov, Headline USA) Peter Szijjarto, Hungary’s minister of foreign affairs and trade, took the opportunity of being a guest on CNN recently and used it to absolutely destroy the network’s leftist talking points, according to a tweet from Christina Pushaw.

CNN’s enlightened host predictably decided to portray Hungary as a racist, “ethnocentric” country because Hungarians did not accept refugees from Africa and the Middle East, but are accepting refugees from Ukraine, another European country where the majority race is white.

“That raises another question because, yes, [accepting] Ukrainian, white, Christian refugees again highlights your issue with not allowing not so white, not so Christian refugees coming in from your southern border,” the host said, “and that is — I don’t know what word to use — but, let’s just say, ethnocentric.”

Szijjártó responded by saying that Hungary is currently under pressure.

“We are under double pressure currently… because we have these hundreds of thousands of refugees arriving from Ukraine whom we definitely allow to come and take good care of them,” he said, “but we keep our southern border very strong, which is our border to Serbia.”

He then pointed out the difference between refugees and illegal immigrants.

“You have refugees and you have illegal migrants. And why I tell you those are illegal migrants is because you have to look at the international law. What does the international law say?” he said.

“If you have to flee from war, like poor Ukrainians currently, you are allowed to move to a first safe country, and there you can stay temporarily, and [then] return whenever the war or whatever was the reason of you fleeing is over.”

After this, Szijjártó talked about how illegal immigrants are different from Ukrainian refugees.

“Now, these people who appear, at [our] southern border… cross… seven, eight or even more safe countries,” he said. “They have no reason to violate the border between Serbia and Hungary… because they are not coming from war.”

Aside from that reason, Szijjártó also provided another for why Hungarians do not accept these illegal refugees.

“These illegal migrants are behaving more and more aggressively and are carrying weapons. They are shooting at us, they are shooting at each other, they attack our policemen, throwing pieces of concrete,” he said.

“Why should we allow such kinds of people to enter the territory of Hungary? Why should we allow them to violate our border?”

Instead of providing counterarguments, the CNN host just spewed another leftist talking point.

“It just all fits the picture of what you call an illiberal democracy.”

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