Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Gov’t Ready to Kill 200K Cows to Appease Climate Cult

'Spending vast sums of taxpayer’s money on destroying productive animals would be a perfect summation of the net zero madness infecting the West...'

(Dmytro “Henry” AleksandrovHeadline USA) With Dutch farmers first being oppressed by climate change-obsessed globalists, it is now the turn of Ireland to cull around 200,000 cows to meet its climate change goals.

According to the commentary by Jamie Blackett at The Telegraph, the sacrifice of cows on the altar of Saint Greta of the Blessed Boat will be somewhat voluntary, since farmers will be offered “financial inducements” to sacrifice their cows.

However, British beef and dairy farmers have balked at taking the bait over concerns that it is part and parcel of well-documented “eco-modernist agenda” to completely get rid of conventional meat. Blackett noted the problem isn’t that this kind of agenda exists but rather that world’s politicians are on board with the idea, instead of just the “Extinction Rebellion mob.”

Blackett said that he and other British farmers were very fortunate that their country is not a part of the European Union and, therefore, not controlled by Brussels. He also added that farmers in Britain could only hope that Rishi Sunak, the prime minister of the United Kingdom, would be on their side and not push the climate change agenda down their throats.

“Spending vast sums of taxpayer’s money on destroying productive animals would be a perfect summation of the net zero madness infecting the West,” Blackett wrote.

Dutch and Irish leftist politicians can’t comprehend that cows can actually help the environment by sequestering carbon in the soil, Blackett informed. Ecometric, a British company, has recently developed a technology that would help to measure soil carbon accurately.

“Some British livestock farmers are now being paid for the net carbon sequestered into the soils after the methane from their burping cows has been accounted for,” Blackett wrote.

“It would mean changing the way we farm to embrace holistic methods; mainly replacing cereal-based cattle diets with grass, but it can be done.”

Additionally, the recent technology allows tallow from British cattle to be turned into biodiesel, the methane in their manure into usable electricity and heat and the manure itself into a “more nutritious digestate that can substantially reduce the need for harmful artificial fertilizer.”

“My own dairy farm is investing in these new green technologies and we hope to be carbon neutral and net exporters of energy in just a few years.”

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