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Flynn Files $50M ‘Malicious Prosecution’ Claim against Feds over Russia Hoax

'Of all of President Trump's appointees, the Obama White House hated Flynn the most...'

(Jim Luksic, Headline USA) After having years of lawfare harassment waged against him during and after Robert Mueller’s Russia-collusion investigation, President Donald Trump’s first national security adviser, Michael Flynn, is fighting back.

Flynn filed a $50 million claim against the Justice Department and FBI citing such factors as “abuse of process” and “malicious prosecution,” according to Just The News.

The February filing of a Form 95 Civil Claim obtained by the website was likely the preface to Flynn’s expected lawsuit over the now-debunked Russian-collusion hoax.

The retired U.S. Army general is alleging the that federal government’s pushing of the Russian swindle was politically motivated. Flynn’s filing Feb. 22 implicates the top members of the Obama administration and Mueller, among others.

Mueller dragged out his ill-fated investigation for two years on the heels of a 2017 “anonymous” leak of transcripts documenting a Russian diplomat’s conversations with Flynn.

The legal filing asserted that the FBI began devising ways to derail then-presidential candidate Trump’s aspirations as far back as July 2016.

“As part of these efforts, the FBI began to target Flynn,” it stated, noting the ex-Obama adviser’s appointment was a particular point of irritation for the outgoing Democrat adminsitration.

“Of all of President Trump’s appointees, the Obama White House hated Flynn the most,”said the filing.

In a supplemental filing, Flynn sought compensatory damages due to lost wages and emotional distress, false arrest, restraints of personal liberty and so forth.

Members of the Obama and Biden administrations, Hillary Clinton and the media pushed Russian collusion and the since-debunked Steele Dossier for years, in an orchestrated effort to smear Flynn and others involved with Trump’s 2016 campaign.

Flynn was forced to resign only weeks into his job as national security adviser following leaks that he had corresponded with Russian diplomat Sergey Kislyak and had lied to the FBI about it.

However, it was later revealed that in a Jan. 5, 2017 meeting, top Obama officials—including the president and vice president—plotted to lay a perjury trap for him after having illegally unmasked his identity in top-secret intelligence intercepts of the calls.

Kislyak, known to have been chummy in Democrat circles, may also have been involved in baiting the trap for Flynn to communicate with him prior to assuming office, allowing FBI agents, led by Peter Strzok, to move forward on the pretence of a violation of the 1799 Hatch Act.

Flynn was indicted for making false statements to the FBI but was subsequently pardoned by Trump.

 In January 2021, federal prosecutors stealthily dismissed the probe and cleared Obama officials of wrongdoing. However, in recent court filings, special counsel John Durham has accused the Hillary Clinton campaign of initiating the collusion and dossier con, which it likely invented whole cloth without any basis, according to Just the News.

Headline USA’s Ben Sellers contributed to this report.

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