‘Enemies Within the Church’ Reveals Communist Influence in Christianity

'The problem today with our culture is that many of our words have been co-opted and stolen, dumbed down, and reversed...'

A recent documentary titled Enemies Within the Church revealed the vastness of Communist infiltration into Christianity, especially through the “Great Reset.”

According to the writers of the documentary, those interested in promoting the Great Reset have decided to “completely demolish Western Civilization,” rebuilding it as a “just society,” in accordance with their own worldview.

In order to undermine the West, the purveyors of the Great Reset must infiltrate the Christian Church itself, which they see as regressive.

This is to be achieved by promoting doctrines of anti-racism, feminism and systemic injustice, all of which stand radically opposed to Christianity.

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But it is not enough simply to get pastors and priests preaching the doctrines of wokeness to their parishes. They must also use the very language of the Left.

“The problem today with our culture is that many of our words have been co-opted and stolen, dumbed down, and reversed” a contributor argued.

Equality and justice are two terms in particular that the Left has sought to redefine.

Their understanding of neither emerges from a scriptural understanding, but rather from Marx himself, who was radically opposed to the Christian church because it opposed his project.

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They also alter the means by which justice is to be pursued. Rather than respecting human life as it is, they look to impose their radical visions onto the social and political order.

What they promote is “a totalitarian, Marxist justice.”

He also suggested that the Leftist doctrines are particularly effective because they tap in to a strong part of the human desire for revenge.

“When you preach victimization,” he said, “it always leads to vengeance and vice, us against them, me against you, I want my pound of flesh.”

According to the documentary, the seminaries and Bible colleges have already been taken over by neo-Marxists, who rely on critical race theory and claims of systemic injustices to perpetuate their claims of injustices while justifying their own desire for power in the name of promoting perfect justice against the messiness of human life.

The brainwashing of pastors is one of the vital parts of the overall plan; for they become agents of the party, spreading the new gospel of anti-racism, feminism, and LGTB rights propaganda.

“That message that they’re going out and taking the world is not ‘OK, you need to repent of your sins, receive Christ.’ Instead, the message is actually under the weight of racism, or sexism, or homophobia, and unifying them together,” another contributor said.

The documentary also includes dire warnings about the implications of the Church being taken over by a political party and made an instrument of the communists in places of power.

At the heart of Marxism is a compulsion to attack the family because it divides man’s interest between the good of the state and the good of his own family.

Gays and feminists have infiltrated all ranks of nearly every Church — Catholic or Protestant, and are attacking the traditional family.

“The future damage of what we’ere doing now is just going to be enormous.”

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