Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Fetterman’s Juneteenth Celebration Marred by His Racist, Shotgun-Toting Past

'Is that what you told the unarmed black teen you held at gun point because he looked suspicious? ... '

(Mark Pellin, Headline USA) The on-again/off-again clinically depressed, psychedelic ‘shroom dropping Sen. John Fetterman, D-Pa., received an embarrassing trip down memory lane when he posted a Tweet celebrating Juneteenth.

“Happy Juneteenth! Today we celebrate emancipation + reflect on the long shadow of systemic racism in America,” Fetterman wrote. “PA always stands by the unshakeable truth that Black families matter + Black lives matter.”

Except, critics were quick to remind, when an unhinged, white, Lurch-like politician pulls a shotgun on and chases down an unarmed black jogger.

“Senator, why don’t you tell that story about that time you chased a black jogger and held a shotgun on him because you thought he was a criminal?” tweeted Tim Murtaugh, Washington Times columnist and former Trump 2020 comms director.

That unfortunate incident unfolded when Fetterman was mayor of Braddock, Pennsylvania, and he claimed his actions were meant to ensure public safety.

“It was a decision I made in a split second to protect the community as the chief law enforcement officer,” he said, adding later, “It’s not something that I would repeat, simply because right now I’m not in that kind of a role,” Fox News reported of the incident.

While he’s no longer “in that kind of role” where he felt free using a shotgun to chase an unarmed black jogger, he is currently a sitting U.S. senator and the backlash to his Juneteenth tweet was swift and brutal.

Fetterman ultimately received a Big D-shield pass for his transgression, along with accusations that the Democrat was also the benefactor of “white privilege,” recalled the New York Post.

“He was a white man with a gun chasing a black man,” Fawn Walker-Montgomery, a former city council member of a jurisdiction near Braddock, told NBC News last April. “I used to be on the council in McKeesport, and if I chased after a person with a gun, I would still be in jail. He’s showing he’s not aware of his white privilege.”

The hits gained renewed vigor Monday, after Fetterman’s misguided tweet.

“Is that what you told the unarmed black teen you held at gun point because he looked suspicious?” asked one commentator, while another cracked, “You chased down a black jogger and pointed a shotgun at him. It’s not your fault you don’t remember it, but your wife and staff do, and they should delete this tweet.”

Steve Guest, a former comms advisor for Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, kept his reply short and brutally effective.

Fetterman’s roundly-ridiculed post came on the heels of his disastrous train-wreck press conference over the weekend with President Joe Biden, in response to a bridge collapse in Philadelphia.

“Why are Dems so interested in abusing unwell people for political gain?” lamented one reply to Fetterman’s Juneteenth misfire. “Can’t this guy be recalled? Shame on Pennsylvania,” read another.

“Please step down,” implored one observer. ‘You’re not well, man.”

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