Facebook May Allow Posts That Encourage Sending Multiple Mail-in Ballots

'They are fraudulent in many cases...'

Facebook may not remove election-related posts that encourage voter fraud, as long as the posts contain suggestions or questions instead of clearly false and misleading information, the New York Times reported.

This could lead to a policy in which Facebook lets users post that voters should send in their mail-in ballots multiple times or, on the other hand, that mail-in voting does not work, Reclaim the Net reported.

The information, which came from an anonymous person who said they advised Facebook, does not seem to draw a reasonable and certain line between blatantly false and misleading information and protected free speech.

Facebook’s community guidelines on “voter and/or census fraud” say that the platform will ban “statements that advocate, provide instructions or show explicit intent to illegally participate in a voting or census process.”

This may give Facebook officials and employees the room to choose what election-related posts they want to censor based on their leftist ideological preferences.

In the same New York Times article, Facebook employees revealed that they are “alarmed” by President Donald Trump’s opposition to mail-in voting and support for absentee voting.

Trump has reiterated that he has no issues with properly vetted absentee ballots.

However, other types of “mail ballots are very dangerous for this country because of cheaters,” he said recently. “They go collect them. They are fraudulent in many cases.”

The president was referring specifically to the process of ballot harvesting, in which party operatives walk door-to-door to collect ballots and, in some cases, help voters fill out ballots.

Other concerns have arisen over duplicate ballots being mailed, ballots being sent to the wrong addresses, being sent to those who are dead or ineligible to vote, being carelessly discarded or being mishandled by the post office.

All of these concerns were on display in recent primary elections where Democrat-run officials automatically sent ballots to everyone on their hopelessly outdated voter rolls, which they also have fought tooth-and-nail to resist updating and purging of inactive voters.

Ironically, the same Facebook employees who failed to understand these concerns said they have consistently asked whether Trump’s statements somehow have disenfranchised voters.

Social media companies like Facebook, along with the legacy media and the Democratic Party, have been fairly open about their plans to dispute the results of the 2020 election.

If the election’s results are disputed, they may activate a “kill switch” that would prevent Trump from reaching out to voters on Facebook and making the case as to why he won the election in front of the American people.


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