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DNC’s Own Climate Panel Goes Extreme; Fears Radical Plan Could Take Down Biden

‘They acted like insurgents within the party trying to stake out a left flank before the convention…’

Enviro Radicals Have Predicted Global Cooling/Warming for Decades
Climate change protesters in Canada / IMAGE: CBC News via Youtube

(Michael Barnes, Liberty Headlines) Democratic Party leaders panicked this month when the Democratic National Committee’s council on climate change produced a list of policy recommendations that were so radical, they could easily sink Joe Biden’s hopes of winning moderate battleground states in the November election.

“I can assure you that the mere issuing of this report has already cost Democrats potential votes in places like Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan,” said Cecil Roberts, president of the coal-based United Mine Workers labor union.

Roberts, a staunch Democrat, warned of “political consequences.”

The DNC Environment and Climate Crisis Council formed last year as a compromise between old-guard tax-and-spend progressives and younger socialist radicals who continue to drive the Democratic Party farther and farther left.

The climate-change council published its proposals for the Democrat general election platform on June 4 without consulting party leaders.

They call for an incredible $16 trillion in new spending and the government-forced extinction of fossil fuels. The latter demand includes bans on hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) and on the export of oil and gas to other countries.

According to Reuters, the council—heavily skewed by left-wing activists and “environmental justice” groups—blindsided party-establishment members with the 14-page document detailing its vision for the future, should Biden win.

“They acted like insurgents within the party trying to stake out a left flank before the convention,” a DNC source said.

“It’s a nonstarter,” another DNC source said. “Nobody takes them seriously. Joe Biden will be writing the platform for our national convention,” he vowed.

Biden’s own climate-change plan allots $1.7 trillion to transition to renewable energy and bans new oil and gas permits on public lands. But it stops short of canceling fracking and oil exports.

Biden, 77, has shown clear signs of cognitive breakdown, and he’s being advised by socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio–Cortez, D-NY, as he attempts to connect with younger, activist voters, according to Reuters.

Ocasio–Cortez is a proud advocate of the Green New Deal, and there’s much speculation as to whether Biden is an addled brand-name candidate who would comfort voters during the election, only to usher in a far-left administration.

Michelle Deatrick , the chair of the Environment and Climate Crisis Council, said the council released its $16 trillion plan ahead of Biden’s in order to take control of the issue.

“We are advocating to ensure these recommendations are adopted in the Democratic Party platform. We have strong support, and are building a coalition of environmental groups, Democratic Party groups and more,” she said.

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