Monday, January 30, 2023
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Disgraced ‘Non-Binary’ Biden Official Responsible for Hiding ‘Gender Changes’ of Children from Parents

‘... the principal or school-employed mental health professional will assess whether there is further risk of harm due to parent or guardian notification...’

(Dmytro “Henry” Aleksandrov, Headline USA) Sam Brinton, a self-described “non-binary” ex-nuclear energy official of the Biden administration who was arrested after stealing women’s luggage at airports, previously helped create a school policy that encouraged hiding children’s so-called “gender changes” from parents, according to the Daily Wire.

Before he joined the Biden administration, Brinton worked for a nonprofit called The Trevor Project. On paper, the project is supposed to prevent young sexual deviants from committing suicide. According to Brinton, one of the ways to stop a young person from committing suicide is to hide information from one’s parents.

The model policy that was adopted by states like Arizona, Idaho, California, New Hampshire, Oregon, New Jersey and Washington says that schools should hide the sexual orientation and the so-called “gender identity” of a suicidal student from his or her parents unless a student wants them to know.

“When a parent is notified of perceived suicide risk or an attempt, it is essential that the school maintain student confidentiality related to personal information such as sexual orientation or gender identity, especially when the student has not already disclosed to the parent or guardian and does not want it shared. Information shared should be restricted to the perceived risk of suicide or facts of the attempt,” the model policy said.

“Disclosing a student’s sexual orientation or gender identity without their explicit consent can in some cases endanger the student and at a minimum will impair the rapport developed with the professional.”

“Through discussion with the student, the principal or school-employed mental health professional will assess whether there is further risk of harm due to parent or guardian notification,” the policy added.

“If the principal, designee, or mental health professional believes, in their professional capacity, that contacting the parent or guardian would endanger the health or well-being of the student, they may delay such contact as appropriate.”

At the time in a press release, Brinton touted the model school policy.

“In addition, our research shows that more than half of LGBTQ youth are not out to a single adult in school,” he said.

“[These] policies show LGBTQ youth, out or not, that their school is a safe place for them to learn, and that school staff are prepared to help them in times of crisis.”

Parents in several states already sued schools for hiding their kids’ mental problems or even outright encouraging their delusions.

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