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REPORT: Dems Baffled by 2020 Down-Ballot Failures as 2022 Disaster Looms

'Their policies are terrible. There's no way they go 50-50...'

Judging from Democrats’ internal, postmortem election study, reported Sunday by the New York Times, the party appears to have brought on a new top official to oversee their 2022 campaign strategy: the inimitable Hotels.com mascot, Captain Obvious.

According to the Times, some Democrat operatives are beginning to get nervous over a few teensy technicalities—such as their disastrous, corrupt leadership and atrocious ideas—that could bode poorly for them in next year’s midterm election and beyond.


The recent study was commissioned by three leftist organizations—Third Way, the Collective PAC and the Latino Victory Fund—to understand why down-ticket Democrats fared considerably worse than expected during the 2020 election—even losing seats in Congress and many state legislatures—despite a record-shattering number of votes counted for the person at the top of the ticket, Joe Biden.

The report glossed over a few key factors that Democrats have not been ready to acknowledge publicly, but it reached six basic conclusions, most of which would appear self-evident to casual observers, about their missteps in the 2020 election:

  1. Voters of color are persuasion voters who need to be convinced
  2. Republican attempts to brand Democrats as radicals” worked
  3. Polling was a huge problemeven after 2016 adjustments
  4. COVID19 affected everything
  5. Year-round organizing worked, as did crossParty collaboration
  6. Our hopes for 2020 were just too high

Among these no-brainer insights was the problem with distorted left-wing polling, which had been intended feed a media narrative of inevitability that would suppress Trump turnout. Instead, it fueled MAGA outrage and gave hubris-stricken Democrats a false sense of security.

Even though a similar issue had plagued Democrats in the 2016 race, few seemed to learn their lesson about trusting the polling arm of the propagandist fake-news media, which routinely oversamples Democrats to give them false statistical advantages, sometimes in the double-digits.

Inflated polling led Democrats to believe some stretch races were competitive and to take for granted other races as easy wins, leading to an overlyexpansive electoral map,” said the report.

In terms of “crossParty collaborationDemocrats once again acknowledged the point conceded by Time shortly after the election that a cabal of shadowy leftist groups funded by globalist oligarchs had been essential to laying the infrastructure needed to push through dubious election-meddling schemes.

But despite four years of plotting and an endless streams of dark money from foreign-backed entities to target key races, Democrats were vexed by the lack of a trickle-down coattail effect to lesser races.


Joe Biden
Joe Biden / IMAGE: CSPAN

Analysts were especially puzzled over the fact that Biden, a 78-year-old candidate whose erratic, low-energy, “basement” campaign was hardly the sort of barnstormer that would generate large voter enthusiasm, was the only figure who appeared to inspire Democrats to turn out.

“In part, the study found, Democrats fell short of their aspirations because many House and Senate candidates failed to match Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s support with voters of color who loathed Mr. Trump but distrusted the Democratic Party as a whole,” claimed the Times.

Evidence—including the testimony of forensic experts and sworn affidavits from poll watchers—has shown that Biden, himself, was likely able to buck the trends by obtaining illicit votes through ill-begotten means.

Witnesses reported seeing uncreased, pre-printed ballots with only Biden’s name marked being delivered, with little chain-of-custody oversight, in the wee hours of Nov. 4 to polling centers in places like Atlanta, Detroit and Milwaukee.

But even with the extra padding, some urban polling stations had to come up with excuses to shut down mid-counting as the margin of theft grew uncomfortably close.

Many voters of color rewarded Trump for his outreach efforts within their community, while Biden made several gaffes during the campaign that offended minority voters or appeared to take them for granted.

According to the report, Democrats now fear that their former airtight lock on minorities—which began following the death of Martin Luther King Jr., when civil-rights charlatans like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton sold their support to the highest (and most unscrupulous) bidder—might soon come to an end.


President Donald Trump and rapper Lil Wayne
President Donald Trump and rapper Lil Wayne / IMAGE: Twitter

Foremost among their worries was that coalitions of minorities, long taken for granted by the pandering Left, appeared to be jumping ship as the Left’s agenda became to ‘woke’ even for them.

“Our assumptions about Dem support among voters of color—and the lack of differentiation in our messaging and outreach within demographic groups—cost us support in key races,” the report admitted.

Inferences about monolithic black and Latino voting blocs might, in fact, have led Democrats to inadvertently helping Trump and GOP politicians in their races.

While the Left dedicated all its energies to getting mail-in absentee ballots into the hands of every ‘historically oppressed’ Democrat constituency, they overlooked the influence of disparate minority groups such as Cubans, who had witnessed firsthand the abysmal socialist-style policies that the Left promised to usher in.

Latino and Hispanic voters were broadly treated as GOTV targets rather than audiences for persuasion earlier in the cycle, and the modeling, polling, and subsequent campaign decision making reflected this assumption,” said the report.


Those rifts between the Democrat party now in control and the communities to whom they have repeatedly broken promises are likely to have deepened further  in the few short months since the election.

For example the “defund-the-police” strategy for sowing chaos in urban regions, has seen backlash both in poor, black communities that are hit the hardest by the lack of law-enforcement, and in Asian-American and Jewish communities that have been victim to a spate of recent assaults in blue cities.

In some cases, the culprits have been homeless people overrunning places like Los Angeles and San Francisco with rampant drug abuse. In others, the anti-Semitic rhetoric from pro-Palestinian members of Congress, including those in the “Squad,” has led to Jews being targeted over Israel’s defense against rocket attacks.

Ironically, the Biden border crisis also appears to be backfiring. While Democrats hoped to import millions of future-generation voters through lax enforcement—followed by a DACA amnesty plan—the sheer mismanagement has turned Latinos against the effort by making the communities near the border more dangerous.

In one Texas border town, consistent with other recent trends, politics appeared to be growing more conservative despite—or because of—the unfathomable influx from across the border.

The GOP took control of McAllen, Texas, which is 85% Hispanic, for the first time ever during an election this weekend.

“Texas voters want nothing to do with Democrats’ socialist agenda that has created a crisis along the southern border, wants to raise taxes on middle-class workers and plans to defund the police,” said Torunn Sinclair, spokeswoman for the National Republican Congressional Campaign.

Suburban women, a much vaunted target demographic in recent elections due to their swing-vote tendencies, could also punish the administration for its failure in the economy, including driving up food and gas prices, as well as the hesitation to reopen schools in the fall amid teachers unions’ continued leveraging of the coronavirus.

Those that do re-open face radically different curricula that cater anew to gender pronouns and critical-race theory to indoctrinate students into values that many parents find highly objectionable.

In places like Loudoun and Fairfax counties, two Washington, DC, exurbs and some of the wealthiest counties in the country, that outrage has played out prominently with angry parents confronting the school boards over a litany of issues.


Pollsters and mainstream media appear to be continuing their effort to falsely buoy the Biden administration with overly optimistic projections such as a generous 54% approval rating according to Gallup.

But Trump remained openly skeptical that, given the radicalization of the Left, party politics remained an even split, as the current congressional makeup would suggest.

Democrats enjoy only a one-vote majority in the Senate, courtesy of Vice President Kamala Harris’s tiebreaking vote, and have only a single-digit advantage in the House of Representatives.

“Their policies are terrible,” Trump said during a fundraising speech Saturday in Greenville, North Carolina.

“There’s no way they go 50-50,” he continued. “… I think a lot of these elections where they [Democrats] always seem to have an advantage … I don’t believe it. I can’t believe that some of these states are blue. I know those people. They’re smart people. They love me because they love what I stand for. They’re not into these things. There’s something going on and we have to be very, very careful with our election process.”

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