Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Cuomo Threatens Ted Nugent w/ 14-Day COVID Arrest over Pro-Police Rally

'We were heart broke and pissed off...'

Legendary rocker and devout patriot Ted Nugent was invited to sing the national anthem at a massive pro-law enforcement rally in Nassau County, New York, this weekend.

But Democrats, led by New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, prevented Nugent from attending.

Cuomo even threatened to have Nugent arrested if he dared attend the “Back the Blue” demonstration in Eisenhower Park, Long Island.

The outspoken conservative rock star responded on Sunday in an InfoWars interview with Alex Jones.

Nugent said he was honored to be invited and that he was bringing his “six-string weapon of mass destruction” to perform a “fire-breathing Star-Spangled Banner” for the crowd of 10,000 police supporters.

Nugent said the “Marxist Antifa, MS-13 and Black Lives Matter monsters” have been allowed to destroy the morale of law enforcement across the country.

He also singled out the NYPD and called them heroes.

Nugent told Jones that he was literally disembarking from his plane with guitar in hand when health officials from the Cuomo administration threatened to place him under a 14-day COVID house arrest if he stepped one foot into the state.

“We were heart broke and pissed off,” he said.

In a separate Facebook response, Nugent said Cuomo and other politicians like him are “punks.”

“They tell us we have to wear a mask, but they don’t have to wear a mask. They tell us to stay home and quarantine, but they don’t stay home,” he said.

“Hey Governor Cuomo,” said Nugent. “Kiss my free a**.”

Six Democratic Nassau County legislators also teamed up against Nugent over the weekend.

“During his life in the public eye, Ted Nugent has consistently espoused racist, misogynistic, homophobic, anti-Semitic and xenophobic bile,” a joint statement said.

Nassau County Executive Laura Curran took to Twitter and said, “Extremely disappointed that Ted Nugent, a man with a history of hate-filled speech, is invited to attend Saturday’s rally in Nassau.”

After being turned away, Nugent told Jones that he flew back to Texas and was sad for NYPD officers and their families.

Cuomo and other Democrats are dedicated to protecting Antifa and Black Lives Matter even though Antifa is an actual fascist terror group and the organization “Black Lives Matter has nothing to do with betting black lives,” Nugent added.

“No worse crime than to be falsely accused,” he said. “The Marxist lying hating mob wins for now.”

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