Orwell Alert: Special COVID ‘Passport’ May Soon Be Necessary for Travel, Certain Activities

'Given the interconnectedness of ... the global economy, it is not practical for each country ... to implement its own independent methods for verifying the health information...'

Authoritarian regimes such as Nazi Germany have often used papers not for identification purposes but as a means to control or to restrict access and mobility.

The draconian lock-downs resulting from the coronavirus panic are no exception, despite the reservations many have about the vaccines now being distributed.

Amid the ongoing debate—and even deep distrust—over the role of government and pharmaceutical corporations in dictating demands for a dubiously dangerous disease, those who hope to maintain good social standing may soon be obliged to drink the Kool-Aid.

According to CNN Business, globalist entities are now conspiring to develop a special app that would punish those who wish to keep the government out of their bodies.

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Called the Common Trust Network, it claims it would “help governments implement more flexible, risk-based policies and develop a more reliable assessment of individuals’ health status as a part of a multi-layered risk management approach.”

Understandably, countries that have not yet reached the point of herd immunity may want to keep borders closed in the short span of time that the risk of a serious outbreak remains.

But those dreaming of the “Great Reset” undoubtedly envision something more long-term, where the nanorobots circulating through one’s blood stream could emit a GPS signal to allow anybody within the New World Order network to track your coordinates and check your biorhythms at a moment’s notice.

The result will look much more like the Orwellian nightmare-scape of Black Mirror than the morally unambiguous Indiana Jones.

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“Several countries have implemented digital platforms for travelers to submit their health information prior to departure,” said the CTN pitch. “However, given the interconnectedness of global travel and the global economy, it is not practical for each country or jurisdiction to implement its own independent methods for verifying the health information of incoming travelers from every other country or region.”

Rather, it exhorts panic-stricken backers, desperate for relief from the oppressive lockdowns, to imagine how convenient it will be to have all their information digitally available in a central database.

It promises to “make it easier for individuals to understand and comply with each destination’s requirements” and “help ensure that only verifiable lab results and vaccination records from trusted sources are presented.”

But CTC is only one of several companies scrambling to create a sort of “digital yellow card,” reported the Gateway Pundit.

Clearance may also be required for domestic activities, such as attending sporting events and concerts—or even engaging in basic commerce.

Most alarmingly, even those who get the vaccine may be restricted from certain places if they don’t get the “right” one.

For example, those hoping to travel in China may not be permitted to do so if they are covered only by one of the recent US-led offerings, such as Moderna or Pfizer, said Thomas Crampton, chief marketing and communications officer for The Commons Project.

“A point of entry — whether that’s a border, whether that’s a venue — is going to want to know, did you get the Pfizer vaccine, did you get the Russian vaccine, did you get the Chinese vaccine, so they can make a decision accordingly,” he said.

Crampton claimed the central issue was the varying effectiveness levels of the vaccines, but the result could be a new type of tariff war over the dueling serums, with money-hungry super-powers insisting on the ones that will line their own fiduciary coffers the most.

Appropriately, the creepy sales pitches come as the incompetent—or corrupt—British scientists who first used over-hyped projections to sell the idea of lock-downs admitted he had drawn his inspiration from communist China.

Disgraced Imperial College London epidemiologist Neil Ferguson projected at least two million dead in the United States and millions more globally if leaders did not capitulate to the collectivist calls for quarantine.

“I think people’s sense of what is possible in terms of control changed quite dramatically between January and March,” after China first implemented its lock-downs, Ferguson said in a Dec. 25 interview, according to the National Pulse.

“If China had not done it the year would have been very different,” Ferguson added.

Ferguson was widely savaged and mocked for the fake projections, but only after the damage was done. He later was forced to step down from an influential scientific guild after violating his own lock-down terms.

The Chinese government continues to cover up the devastating toll that the virus took in its own country while attempting to deflect blame for the global pandemic.

The country claimed that its death rate had flatlined by April, only weeks after relenting on the lockdowns.

A recent “scientific” study by professors at a top university in Wuhan, the epicenter of the initial outbreak claimed that during state-implemented testing of more than 90 percent of the district’s population—nearly 10 million in total—only 300 tested positive as asymptomatic carriers of the disease.

Ironically, the idea of so-called silent-spreaders played a major role in justifying the lockdowns, since—unlike maladies like the flu—seemingly healthy members of the population could be infecting others.

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