Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Could Squad Member’s Trump-like Indictment Be ‘Inevitable’?

'Prosecuting a political opponent during a presidential election in this manner smacks of banana republic politics... '

(Robert Jonathan, Headline USA) Could U.S. Rep. Pramila Jayapal, D – Wash., face the same or similar legal jeopardy, at least theoretically, as is currently engulfing ex-POTUS Donald Trump?

Seattle talk show host Jason Rantz, who was a frequent guest on the top-rated but now defunct Tucker Carlson show on the Fox News Channel, apparently seems to think so.

In interesting timing that has applied to the Trump indictments, DOJ Special Counsel Jack Smith charged Trump with various alleged offenses in connection with challenging the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.

In an essay that alluded to hypocrisy and double standards that are components of what others have described as Democrat lawfare, Rantz brought up the track record of the Squad member and chair of the Progressive Caucus in Congress, including her history of inflammatory rhetoric.

“Special counsel Jack Smith indicted former president Donald Trump for his attempts to stop the certification of what he thought was a fraudulent election…,” Rantz wrote.

He continued: “Based on the new standard for stretching criminal law beyond recognition, Seattle congresswoman and election denier Pramila Jayapal could be indicted next. She’s acted eerily similar to Trump.”

Rantz added that “A Jayapal indictment would be rather outrageous, but given the similarities with her conduct and the allegations against Trump, it may be an inevitability.”

After the 2016 election, Jayapal was part of the Democrat election-denying cabal, Rantz recalled.

“Whereas Smith indicted Trump for attempting to illegally reject legitimate votes, depriving Americans of their voting rights, Jayapal was part of coordinated Democrat efforts with 10 other co-conspirators to do the same thing. She and 10 colleagues tried to stop the Electoral College certification for Trump,” he opined about the far-left politician.

Rantz went on to imply that Americans don’t need to be Trump fans to recognize the unfairness in what’s going on in a weaponized, politicized legal system that seeks to, among other things, criminalize free speech, especially against Joe Biden’s principal GOP 2024 election rival.

“You can condemn the riot on January 6 and Trump’s embarrassing, selfish, and incompetent reaction to it, while also noting the Jack Smith legal case is a politically-driven sham…If you don’t want it happening to Jayapal because you have to support her views, you shouldn’t want it to happen to Trump because you don’t support his.”

Many have argued that Trump’s legal woes are the epitome of election interference.

“Smith thinks it’s illegal for Trump to express his opinions about elections, however unfounded. We have to imagine that the same standard will be held against Jayapal,” Rantz asserted.

Rantz also outlined how Jayapal (an anti-border-wall politician who recently spent big bucks from campaign donations on a security fence outside her home), allegedly “inspired violence” after George Floyd was murdered, created a “dangerous environment” for conservative Justices on the Supreme Court following the Dobbs decision, and “traffics in Anti-Semitism.”

Parenthetically, various legal analysts have already chimed in about the weakness in Smith’s case against Trump, although that may not matter without a change in venue since it is set to go to a liberal D.C. jury

In identifying six glaring ways why the Smith indictment is “legally flawed and politically shady,” Missouri GOP attorney general candidate Will Scharf remarked that “Prosecuting a political opponent during a presidential election in this manner smacks of banana republic politics.”

Along these lines, U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert, R – Colo., told Newsmax on Thursday that the DOJ “might as well be the new Biden campaign headquarters, and…Smith might as well be President Joe Biden’s new campaign manager.”

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