Climate Czar John Kerry STILL Owns CO2-Spewing Private Jet

Has had no problem lecturing the rest of the country about curbing fossil fuel emissions...

John Kerry, who was recently appointed U.S. Special Climate Envoy, and his family own a private jet, according to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) records, even though much of his recent career has been spent harping on the evils of fossil fuels and their contribution to climate change.

The FAA’s registry shows a Gulfstream Aerospace jet is owned by Flying Squirrel LLC, which is Kerry’s wife’s private charter jet company.

The jet’s registration certificate was issued in 2005 and ends in 2023, according to the FAA records viewed by Fox News.

Kerry has used his wife’s charter jet company several times, according to the New York Post.

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During his 2004 presidential run, Kerry’s campaign made 60 payments to Flying Squirrel LLC.

And as of 2013, Kerry owned “over $1,000,001” in assets for Flying Squirrel LLC, according to his executive branch personnel financial disclosure.

Yet Kerry has had no problem lecturing the rest of the country about the importance of curbing fossil fuel emissions.

Just last week, Kerry lamented the “wasted years” under the Trump administration to slow “climate change, and praised President Biden for working to cut coal, gas, and oil emissions.

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“We know that the federal government of the United States, until yesterday, walked away from the table for four wasted years when we could’ve been helping to meet the challenge,” Kerry said.

Meanwhile, his family’s private jet burns roughly 40 times as much carbon per passenger as commercial flights.

Kerry has urged Biden to “restore domestic environmental leadership” by taking radical executive action to combat “global warming.”

Preventing the worst of global warming would require $1 trillion in annual investment globally through 2030, Kerry said, moving five times faster than currently to phase out coal, 22 times faster to electric vehicles, and six times faster to ramp up solar, wind and other renewable power.

All the alternatives cited by Kerry have their own environmental damage problems.

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