Monday, April 15, 2024

Calif. Veterans Group Using Razor Wire to Patch Gaps in Border Wall

'Whoever it is you’re waiting to do this for you, they’re not coming...'

(Luis CornelioHeadline USA) A group of veterans took matters into their own hands at the southern border, effectively blocking an infamous gap that allowed illegal aliens to freely enter the U.S., as reported by Border Report on Monday. 

Border Vets have employed razor wire and sandbags to seal the holes that had been shared on social media, with many videos providing instructions to individuals on how to pay human smugglers.

“It’s really serious for everybody here that we protect our nation. The holes that we can find (in the border wall), we’re going to go ahead and get the razor wire and do our best to defend our country,” retired Marine Kate Monroe told Border Report in an interview. “Whoever it is you’re waiting to do this for you, they’re not coming. It’s going to be people like us, people like America’s veterans.”

The federal government prohibits the unauthorized modification of the border wall, allowing only government contractors and federal border agents to do so. Despite this, Monroe acknowledged that the encountered border agents had been welcoming to their assistance.

Californians are also among those supporting the efforts, Monroe affirmed. “The sentiment here in San Diego seems to be, ‘Good, I’m glad you’re going out there and getting it done,’” she said.

Monroe, who is one of many Republicans running for Congress against Rep. Mike Levin, pledged to persist in fixing the border despite immigrants and smugglers potentially undoing the efforts of Border Vets. “That’s not going to stop us or deter us from coming here,” she continued. “If we can stop them for one day, one hour, one week, we’ve stopped more people from coming into our country.”

The veterans’ actions mirrored those of the Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, who, in recent months, took decisive steps in response to the Biden administration’s inaction in blocking illegal aliens from entering the country. Even Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs, a Democrat, has deployed the state’s National Guard in what many characterized as an insufficient response by the Biden administration. 

Numerous video footages have emerged, depicting what many have described as “military-age” men being processed by border agents. Monroe expressed concern for this group of individuals. “They’re not coming from the other side of the fence, they are flying here from God knows where,” she decried.

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