Sunday, April 14, 2024

Boston Univ. Offers Therapy to Students Traumatized by SCOTUS Rulings

'However, as many of our students know and Justice Sotomayor says in her dissent, ‘ignoring race will not equalize a society that is racially unequal... '

(Molly Bruns, Headline USA) Boston University’s law school offered its students therapy sessions to help them cope with the recent decisions issued by the Supreme Court.

The BU Law Student Government also denounced the court’s decisions to outlaw affirmative action, require college students to pay off their loans and affirming that a graphic designer did not have to create invitations for a same-sex wedding.

The student board claimed the judges “went so far as to say that the race-based admission system uses race as a negative and operates it as a stereotype,” according to the Daily Mail.

They also decried the judges for pushing a “colorblind” admissions process, allowing qualified students to earn spots in universities regardless of their race.

“However, as many of our students know and Justice Sotomayor says in her dissent, ‘ignoring race will not equalize a society that is racially unequal,” the letter added. “These three decisions form part of a lengthy sequence of this court’s ruling which steadily erode the rights of marginalized communities and undermine the very diversity upon which our nation was built.”

The BU Student Government provides counseling services to the entire student body, an amenity that costs colleges hundreds of thousands of dollars and further fuels the student debt crisis.

The Supreme Court ruled 6-3 in a vote against affirmative action, deciding that the policy was unconstitutional.

Mainstream media commentators expressed outraged with the decision, including Joy Reid, who unsurprisingly shared that she got into Harvard due to affirmative action.

The votes for for student loan payments and freedom of religion fell along similar partisan lines.

Several prominent voices in the legal field voiced their concern about the direction of the nation’s law schools.

In October, Judge James Ho of the US Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit announced that he would no longer consider students from Yale Law School as clerks for his office after an attempt from the student activists to shut down a bipartisan event on the school’s campus.

Ho called Yale’s campus a “closed and intolerant environment.”

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