Friday, April 12, 2024

Blue State ‘Ministry of Truth’ Efforts on the Rise

'Getting accurate information in front of voters before they are exposed to misinformation... '

(Chris Parker, Headline USA) The Left’s vision for a Ministry of Truth in the US continues to unfold, as Connecticut plans to hire a misinformation spotter ahead of the midterm elections, to scour social media and “educate” voters.

Connecticut’s Democrat Gov. Ned Lamont will use taxpayer money to pay an annual salary of $150,000 for someone to browse blogs and social media websites for anything the government determines to be misinformation, reported the Daily Mail.

The allegedly bipartisan initiative puts a special focus on Rumble, the video social networking site largely used by conservatives to avoid censorship.

The governor’s goal for the position is “disrupting nefarious election activities and boosting the public’s confidence in elections.”

It’s part of a taxpayer-funded $2 million effort to “educate and inform registered voters” as the government sees fit.

Lamont also referenced the Russian collusion conspiracy as a reason for the job’s formation, claiming, “over the last few election cycles, malicious foreign actors have demonstrated the motivation and capability to significantly disrupt election activities.”

The effort comes at a time when many conservatives have lost faith in the election system, while Democrats increasingly trust it.

Oregon, another state with rad-left politics, is implementing a similar measure with its new “Trusted Info 2022” campaign. According to the state’s website, the campaign’s goal is “getting accurate information in front of voters before they are exposed to misinformation.”

It will be up to the government, of course, to decide which information is considered factual under the campaign.

Biden announced his own version of a Ministry of Truth at the federal level last month. It was immediately denounced as a form of mass, federally-backed censorship that played into partisanship more than actual truth.

Officially labeled as the ‘Disinformation Governance Board,’ the project is currently in limbo after Biden’s pick for its director stepped down. His pick, Nina Jankowicz, was heavily criticized for openly supporting  government censorship, her ties to the Ukrainian government, and her support for disproved conspiracy theories.

Jankowicz also raised concerns over several videos posted to the Chinese-owned TikTok platform in which she praises government control of information. She also claimed the Hunter Biden laptop scandal was a “Trump campaign product.”

While the board’s formation is currently on hold, the Biden administration has not yet scrapped plans for its development.

Fortunately for the good leftists of states like Connecticut and Oregon, their governments are ramping up efforts to tell them how and what to think.

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