Thursday, February 2, 2023
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Biden’s Ministry of Truth Put on Pause, Disinfo Czar Jankowicz Resigns

'A pause is a death sentence for something like this, typically... '

(Mark Pellin, Headline USA) The Biden administration’s horrendously Orwellian Disinformation Governance Board, more appropriately and widely known as the Ministry of Truth, has been put what officials are calling a “pause,” after coming under blistering criticism from pro-liberty Republicans and a wary public.

The decision to halt the speech-censoring and suppression department was made Monday, according to social justice snowflake and alleged journalist Taylor Lorenz, who was responsible for shamelessly doxxing the administrator of the popular Libs of TikTok.

In breaking news that the Ministry of Truth was being at least temporarily scuttled, Lorenz appeared more concerned about the feelings and fate of Truthyness Czar Nina Jankowicz and how a bunch of mean conservatives and what she called the evils forces of “right-wing Internet” attacks twisted Jankowicz’s role in censoring and suppressing any views that ran contrary to the leftist line.

Jankowicz, the self-professed Mary Poppins of Misinformation, reportedly had a resignation letter drafted but was talked out of it by ranking officials with the Department of Homeland Security. Jankowicz subsequently resigned anyhow.

Despite alleged journalist Lorenz’s defense of Jankowicz as a champion of free speech and righteous fighter of disinformation, Jankowicz’s history reveals her as little but a radical leftist activist responsible for peddling her own brand of divisive mis- and disinformation and blatant lies, most notoriously promoting the debunked fable that Hunter Biden’s laptop was disinformation from a Russian intelligence operation.

The gross symbiotic relationship between an alleged journalist and a supposed government agent of truth, covering for each other’s leftist outrages and failings, while chipping away at free speech and hoodwinking the public was perfectly exposed by Glenn Greenwald.

It seemed “odd,” Greenwald noted, that the Washington Post let Lorenz “write an entire article arguing Nina Jankowicz should be off-limits from criticism, without mentioning Jankowicz argued the same about Lorenz.”

“Indeed, Jankowicz has a very long history of defending Lorenz and expressing solidarity for the trauma Lorenz suffers when her work is criticized,” Greenwald wrote.

“That’s almost certainly where Lorenz got her version of events and seems like it should be disclosed when Lorenz defends Jankowicz.”

It’s almost like the disinformation duo were spreading the very type of hypocrisy, moral corruption and obfuscation that the Ministry of Truth was supposed to prevent, but never could because of its inherent rad-left nature and lust for authoritarian power.

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