Saturday, September 23, 2023

Black, Conservative School-Board Member Roils Unhinged Wokesters in Iowa

'I've gotten a lot of supportive feedback, but nothing is going to change if I'm the only person saying things. You have to get out of the sandbox...'

(John McCannHeadline USA) An Iowa school-board member has ruffled some leftist feathers in Southeast Polk School District.

As reported by Blaze Media, Whitney Smith McIntosh has faced the ire of leftist activists. Her crime? Taking a stand against woke gender ideology and leftist teachings in schools.

To add more fuel to the leftist’s rage, Smith McIntosh also happens to be a black woman.

Smith McIntosh has the distinction of being the first ever black woman to serve the Southeast Polk constituency, just outside Des Moines. Despite left-wing ideology’s tenets of social justice and racial equity, Smith McIntosh did not seem to enjoy the same protections as other marginalized minorities. In fact, her race has made her a bigger target.

Smith McIntosh has faced the gauntlet of leftist vitriol as woke activists have crashed school board meetings trying to shout her down.

A local leftist organization, One Iowa Action, has filed a formal complaint against Smith McIntosh “discrimination against LGBTQ students, families, and district members.”

They sent this complaint to both the district and the Chicago Office of Civil Rights—all because she believes in two genders and is against questionable, sexual literature in the school library.

Smith McIntosh has a long record of public service. She is an army veteran and was appointed to the Iowa Commission on the Status of African Americans by Gov. Kim Reynolds. She ran for school board on a platform of parental rights and transparency.

Talking about the vitriol that has come her way, Smith McIntosh stated, “Its disturbing to me … I’ve gotten a lot of supportive feedback, but nothing is going to change if I’m the only person saying things. You have to get out of the sandbox.”

Despite being duly elected by her peers less then a year ago, leftists have sought to remove her from office. And have used emotionally deranged arguments to silence her, and those who get in the way of their educational agenda.

This fight in Iowa has been a microcosm of school board fights across the country as parents seek to take back control from radical political officials. Whitney Smith McIntosh is not the only example of someone taking a stand, and she surely won’t be the last we hear about.

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