Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Twitter Bans Leftist Anti-Life Group That Doxxed SCOTUS Justices

‘We’ll be burning the Eucharist to show our disgust for the abuse Catholic Churches have condoned for centuries...’

(Dmytro “Henry” Aleksandrov, Headline USA) Twitter suspended a pro-abortion account that was calling for intimidation of the Supreme Court justices by protesting in front of their houses, according to the Daily Wire.

The Twitter account of Ruth Sent Us was finally suspended after almost two months of posting aggressive and inflammatory tweets.

The radical group also posted a map on its website that listed the street names where the homes of the conservative Justices were located, thus calling other leftists to come to their homes and intimidate Justices Amy Coney Barrett, John Roberts, Samuel Alito, Brett Kavanaugh, Clarence Thomas and Neil Gorsuch.

In early May, Google removed the map because, according to the company, the map was violating Google’s personal and confidential policy.

The Daily Wire contacted Twitter and asked why the company waited so long to suspend the account that was calling for intimidation of justices, while suspending Donald Trump from the platform immediately after the events of Jan. 6. The company did not respond.

Aside from the Supreme Court justices’ homes, the group also called for demonstrations at Barrett’s church in a Twitter post that included Barrett’s family’s daily routine and her children’s school.

“If you’re in the DC metro area, join us. Our protests at Barrett’s home moved the needle to this coverage. Falls Church is a People of Praise stronghold. She sends her seven kids to a People of Praise school that she sat on the Board of Directors for,” the group said.

“She attends church DAILY.”

However, it is not only the justices who are under attack from the group. Ruth Sent Us also told fellow radicals in its May 7 tweet to interrupt Catholic masses on Mother’s Day.

“Stuff your rosaries and your weaponized prayer. We will remain outraged after this weekend, so keep praying,” the tweet said.

“We’ll be burning the Eucharist to show our disgust for the abuse Catholic Churches have condoned for centuries.”

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