Saturday, December 2, 2023

Mini-Hillary Chelsea Clinton Claims Belligerent Biden ‘Cares Deeply’

'The Biden administration deserves credit for what they have been doing... '

(Pamela Cosel, Headline USA)  It’s well known that the women of The View are over-the-top leftists who are close-minded when it comes to considering the views of others. Now, they’ve brought in Chelsea Clinton to attempt to cover for President Joe Biden.

Clinton was a guest on the TV show on Thursday, and attempted to convince the audience that Joe Biden knows what he’s doing. She said Biden “cares deeply about the American people.”

Co-host Sunny Hostin asked Clinton a lengthy question about high prices that repeated Democrat talking points blaming soaring inflation on Putin and COVID, in her set-up of the expected response from Clinton.

“The Biden administration deserves credit for what they have been doing,” Clinton said, sounding as nearly indirect and confused as the word salads of Vice President Kamala Harris.

“We can say they should be doing more and a different set of things, but we shouldn’t pretend they can’t care or haven’t taken action because they do care, and they have taken action.”

Biden apparently cared so much that he passed a flurry of executive orders his first 100 days in office that hurt the pocketbooks of Americans, reversing many of former President Trump’s policies, including changes in allowing illegal immigrants to flood an open southern border. Biden cared so much that he sold U.S. oil reserves to China when Americans are paying exorbitant prices at gas pumps.

Clinton, of course, blamed Trump in her pontificating on The View, claiming Biden cares more about Americans than “his predecessor” did.

While the country’s economy is suffering, Biden is out on bike rides, and sniffing the hair of little girls, in keeping with is typical modus operandi.  A video post on Twitter showed the fumbling old man getting too close again to a young child, leaning over, inhaling at her head.

That’s the wrong kind of “action” to be taking, but with mini-Hillary to cover for him, the Democrats are appeased.


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