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Hunter Biden’s Ex-Business Partner Flips, Confirms Authenticity of Emails on Corrupt China Deal

'The facts set forth below are true and accurate; they are not any form of domestic or foreign disinformation. Any suggestion to the contrary is false and offensive...'

The source of a highly anticipated Wall Street Journal piece corroborating the New York Post‘s bombshell reports on Hunter Biden released a statement Wednesday to refute claims that the recovered laptop files at the heart of the scandal were part of a Russian disinformation campaign.

“The facts set forth below are true and accurate; they are not any form of domestic or foreign disinformation,” whistleblower Tony Bobulinski said in his statement, according to Breitbart. “Any suggestion to the contrary is false and offensive.”

Democrats—including House Intelligence Chair Adam Schiff, D-Calif.—and their left-wing media and social-media allies have sought to bury the potentially campaign-ending revelations with an aggressive censorship and disinformation campaign of their own.

In a conference call this week, President Donald Trump hinted that the Wall Street Journal piece would debunk the leftist media’s efforts to discredit the story.

However, the article has been delayed for unknown reasons, likely putting pressure on Trump campaign officials to seek alternative channels prior to a Thursday night debate.

Trump is expected to confront Democrat nominee Joe Biden with the allegations about his troubled, 50-year-old son.

Bobulinski identified himself in his statement as CEO of Sinohawk Holdings, an apparent shell company used to move funds around as part of a joint venture with Ye Jianming, the former chair of Chinese energy company CEFC.

According to another newly disclosed email, Biden’s current running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., was one of several prominent Democrat figures identified as “key domestic contacts for phase one target projects” undertaken by the new venture, Breitbart reported.

After CEFC went bankrupt, however, Jianming was arrested by the Chinese government and has not been heard from since.

During the preliminary discussions for the CEFC deal, Bobulinski’s name surfaced in an email chain discussing “remuneration packages.”

The email’s equity-sharing proposal included 20 percent each for Hunter Biden and three partners, including Bobulinski, as well as 10 percent to be held by Hunter for “the big guy.”

Bobulinski confirmed that the person in question was Joe Biden, and that other mentions of  “JB” and “Jim” were referring to Hunter’s uncle James, also a 10 percent stakeholder.

Joe Biden, who was still serving in the Obama administration at the time of the deals, would have violated the law by receiving money directly from foreign entities.

Notwithstanding, the back-door arrangements raised serious character questions—as well as national-security concerns over the Bidens’ cozy relationship with adversarial nations that engage in frequent acts of espionage and election-interference.

Biden has often flip–flopped on his China policy, but he recently sought to attack Trump for capitulating to the Asian super-power during its efforts to cover up the deadly coronavirus pandemic.

Some of the explosive details that Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop offered concrete evidence of had been previously disclosed or alluded to as part of a report by the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.

The report outlined—using witness testimony, recorded evidence and subpoenaed documents—a slush fund that members of the Biden family maintained through the credit line of a now-defunct holding company to purchase “extravagant” items like travel, leisure and Apple Store merchandise.

Bobulinski is now cooperating with Senate investigators and has provided a trove of supporting documents which shed further light on the illicit financial deals that benefited the Biden family and their business associates.

That includes text and WhatsApp exchanges offering additional evidence of Hunter Biden explicitly leveraging his family name and connections to power, as well as discussions about the need for secrecy concerning the former vice president’s involvement.

The Senate’s HSGAC report also disclosed the millions of dollars in kickbacks that Hunter Biden and his business associate received from other foreign entities, including a Russian oligarch and the Ukrainian energy company Burisma.

The latter played a central role in House Democrats’ impeachment of Trump last year after he requested that Kiev officials reopen a corruption investigation, which Joe Biden had forced them to close down by threatening to withhold a billion-dollar US loan.

Perhaps the most politically damning of all the details to emerge thus far from the laptop were allegations that Hunter had conducted nude online chats with underage girls and that the hard drive contained topless and suggestive pictures of a relative believed to be his then-14-year-old niece.

Rudy Giuliani, the former New York City mayor who has been Trump’s personal attorney and point-man on the Biden scandals, announced this week that he had filed a report with Delaware police.

However, it declined to pursue the case due to “credibility issues” and said it had referred the Giuliani’s concerns to the FBI, which was “investigating their veracity.”

Already, the FBI has faced criticism and serious questions over whether it was aware of the laptop and suppressed the evidence during Trump’s impeachment proceedings.

But a spokesperson for the Senate Homeland Security committee assured Trump’s GOP backers that with help from Bobulinski and others, the truth would soon emerge.

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