Friday, December 1, 2023

Bibi Accused of ‘Toxic Masculinity’ for Asserting Israel’s Right to Defend Itself

'Authoritarian men like Netanyahu—or like Donald Trump—love to preen about how strong and powerful they supposedly are. It's all a lie, of course, and they often expose themselves as cowards...'

(Molly Bruns, Headline USA) As if the partisan scheming of his Yesh Atid enemies in the Knesset—not to mention the existential threats to his country from Hamas and Hezbollah terrorists—weren’t enough problems for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to worry about, the conservative Likud leader now faces the vengeful wrath of at least one woke feminazi from Brooklyn, The Blaze reported.

In a recent commentary, Amanda Marcotte, a senior writer for the leftist website Salon, accused Netanyahu of “toxic masculinity” while painting him as an authoritarian figure for defending his nation following an unprovoked terrorist massacre.

Fortunately for Marcotte, there is no clinical definition for “toxic masculinity”—so she was able to use the term as a sort of catch-all to launch whatever accusations she wished to make.

Toxic masculinity “dupes people into confusing big talk for real action,” she asserted.

“Authoritarian men like Netanyahu—or like Donald Trump—love to preen about how strong and powerful they supposedly are,” she continued. “It’s all a lie, of course, and they often expose themselves as cowards who cringe away from real challenges.”

There is no evidence that Netanyahu, a trained combat veteran with the Israeli Defense Forces who was wounded in battle on multiple occasions, was engaged in mere preening with respect to the war in Gaza.

Marcotte also compared Netanyahu’s reactions to Hamas’s attacks to former President George W. Bush’s response to 9/11, claiming both used hyperbolic rhetoric to encourage populations to unify under a singular cause.

Bush “benefited in no small part from the plain old sexist prejudice, the kind that causes people to conflate chest-thumping displays of toxic masculinity with competence and strength,” Marcotte wrote, while “… Netanyahu’s toxic masculinity makes for a fragile ego.”

Stepping back in time to the Medieval era, she revealed that the “myth of chivalry” came into being in order for men to take power over women so they could protect them.

However, she said that newly evolved wokesters opt to forgo that sense of security, instead preferring the pacifist approach of Beta males such as former President Barack Obama and current President Joe Biden.

“Maybe they feel soothed by Biden’s more ‘feminine’ style of leadership, which is heavy on empathy and diplomacy, while shunning the overheated tough guy rhetoric favored by Republicans,” she said.

Left-wing critics of Israel’s military response have found themselves flustered by the public backlash to their tacit support for Hamas after its brutal rape, torture and massacre of more than 1,300 innocent Jews and kidnapping of some 200 others—including at least 26 children—whom it continues to hold hostage.

When posting her published article onTwitter, Marcotte hedged her bets to avoid career-ending accusations of anti-Semitism by insisting that Hamas and Netanyahu “both suck,” and blamed the entire “toxic discourse” on the boogeyman of toxic masculinity.

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