Friday, December 1, 2023

Fla. Roofing Company Offers Ar-15s, Turkeys to Its Customers

'Everybody should have an AR-15. Everybody should have the means to protect their homes and their family...'

(Dmytro “Henry” AleksandrovHeadline USA) A roofing company in Florida launched a promotion on Wednesday offering an AR-15 and a turkey to anyone who buys a roof, expecting to pick up more business this month as a result.

The company’s “Roof and Gobble” promotion is for customers to protect their homes with a roof, bring their families together over a turkey and protect them with an AR-15, Roof EZ president Jason Polly told NBC News.

“Everybody should have an AR-15. Everybody should have the means to protect their homes and their family. It’s not really catered to anybody, any state, any political view, anything like that. It’s all about safety,” he said.

The promotion happened to be successful because the Cape Coral business was able to sell eight roofs and have about 50 inquiries about the promotion only after two business days, Polly said, adding that, during a normal month, the company sells 30 to 50 roofs. Polly also said that he hopes the promotion will help sell 60 to 100.

The promotion is legal, according to the lawyers of the company. Polly emphasized that Roof EZ is working with a gun store in Cape Coral, adding that anyone who buys a roof because of the promotion will have to wait until after it’s completed to pick up the gun.

However, people who have concealed carry permits can pick up an AR-15 worth about $500 immediately. Those who don’t have permits will need to wait three days or the time it takes to pass a background check.

“You have to go through all the proper channels before you can walk away with a gun,” Polly said, adding that he hopes the gun store, which also operates a shooting range, will also provide shooting training free to anyone who gets the weapon through the promotion.

The promotion is about fundamental constitutional rights, he said.

“If someone has the means to buy a roof, they have the means to go buy their own firearm. They’re just buying a roof and supporting our Second Amendment right. I support everybody’s First Amendment right… They can reciprocate and respect my Second Amendment rights,” Polly said.

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