Saturday, July 13, 2024

Bannon Calls on Trump to Skip Debate after CNN, Moderators Scandals

'President Trump should cancel this...'

(Luis CornelioHeadline USA) Former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon is urging Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump to boycott the upcoming CNN debate scheduled for Thursday, citing numerous bias scandals plaguing the network. 

Bannon’s call for action follows a viral altercation where CNN anchor Kasie Hunt viciously kicked Trump spokesperson Karoline Leavitt out during a live interview. What triggered Hunt’s disturbing behavior? Leavitt pointing out the outlet’s bias.

“They have never in the history of television, ever, taken a national press secretary and treated her with such lack of respect,” a fired-up Bannon told Leavitt during an Monday interview on the WarRoom Podcast. 

“Kasie Hunt owes you an apology, CNN owes you an apology today, and if we don’t get that apology to Karoline Leavitt, to the Trump Campaign and MAGA today, President Trump should cancel this,” he added. 

Bannon’s demand coincides with mounting criticism directed at CNN personalities Hunt, Jake Tapper, and Dana Bash, slated to co-anchor the debate.  

The Media Research Center, a conservative media watchdog group, compiled damning videos exposing Bash’s and Tapper’s leftist bias against Trump and his supporters. 

Following the contentious 2020 presidential debate between Trump and Biden, Bash referred to the event as a “shitshow,” while Tapper characterized it as a “disgrace primarily because of President Trump.” 

During CNN’s coverage of Biden’s State of the Union address, both Tapper and Bash praised Biden for supposedly meeting “the moment.” 

“They wanted him to be a fighter and — boy — fight, did he deliver,” Bash remarked during the broadcast, adopting a tone reminiscent of a state-owned television announcer.

On another occasion, Bash expressed disappointment over a Supreme Court decision that blocked the left’s efforts to kick Trump off presidential ballots, lamenting it as “unfortunately for America.”


In subsequent discussions, Bash questioned whether Trump, as a former president and a leading candidate, should continue to receive intelligence briefings, echoing sentiments frequently found on the left. 

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