Tuesday, February 7, 2023
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Balenciaga Sees Top Fashion Award Revoked after Bondage Ads w/ Kids

'At BoF, we hold the safety of children in the highest regard. And like many, we have been seeking the truth about how children appeared with BDSM-inspired products...'

(Molly Bruns, Headline USA) Business of Fashion magazine announced that it will be revoking an award it gave to luxury brand Balenciaga in response to a recent line of advertisements featuring young children with “BDSM-inspired products.”

“At BoF, we hold the safety of children in the highest regard,” Business of Fashion said in a statement.

“And like many, we have been seeking the truth about how children appeared with BDSM-inspired products in Balenciaga’s recent campaign images, which are wholly inconsistent with our values,” it continued. “As a result, we will not be presenting Demna with the Global VOICES Award this year.”

The statement concludes with an invitation for Balenciaga officials to speak on the issue, which the company declined.

According to the Daily Wire, Balenciaga has been in hot water since the release of the ads, which showed child models posing with teddy bear handbags dressed in bondage gear.

The discovery led some to uncover other examples in which the company’s ad campaigns appeared to endorse child exploitation.

A promotional picture of a bag that Balenciaga is selling in collaboration with Adidas selling  even featured a legal document from United States v. Williams, a 2008 court case that addressed the issue of child pornography in advertising.

The fashion brand insisted that the papers were props provided by a third party who happened to be using them in the filming of a TV show.

The company released an apology via Instagram, claiming to “strongly condemn child abuse” and promising that the incident will be investigated.

Balenciaga is also suing the producers of the ad campaign, including in-house stylist Lotta Volkova, who consistently posts disturbing, satanic images of children in distress and teddy bears in bondage.

Volkova’s social media is now private.

Initially, Balenciaga pawned the controversy off on the photographers. However, it is clear that Volkova—who is known known for her horrific, demonic aesthetic—has a long working relationship with the head of the company and is likely behind this.

The media’s response to the initial advertisement and subsequent apology is mixed.

Kim Kardashian, who wears Balenciaga on a consistent basis, made a statement saying she is “reevaluating” her relationship with the brand in an attempt to distance herself from the controversy.

The women of The View were unable to condemn the advertisements altogether, instead calling it a “misstep” and “distasteful,” making it clear that they care less about the children and more about the inconvenience this causes them and their agenda.

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