Tuesday, February 7, 2023
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Leftist Media Abuzz after Joy Reid Accepts Herschel Walker’s Debate Offer

'No, seriously... '

(Jacob Bruns, Headline USA) The leftist media has worked itself into a frenzy as the ultra-woke MSNBC host Joy Reid has agreed to debate Georgia senatorial Republican candidate Herschel Walker.

Walker challenged Reid to a debate after she ripped him for being essentially a slave with white masters.

“The ancestors are weeping,” Reid tweeted. “And why does he always need these handlers (who can’t even stop him from embarrassing himself.) Just humiliating…”

“I‘d love to debate Joy Reid,” Walker said in an interview soon after.

“I say, any day of the week she wants to debate, she can show up here and I’ll debate her as well on any subject,” he added. “She can come up with the subject, and let’s go at it.”

Soon thereafter, Reid accepted the challenge.

“Okay, Herschel, come on,” Reid responded, inviting Walker to make an appearance on her MSNBC program.

“No, seriously. We reached out to your team. We will have you on the ReidOut any day. And we can debate. Just tell us when.”

Reid’s only caveat was that Walker couldn’t bring what she called Walker’s “handlers”–Senators Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and Lindsey Graham, R-S.C.–with him on her show.

The Huffington Post celebrated the potential debate, noting that Reid would “have plenty to grill the former football star on — including allegations he’s fathered secret children, pressured ex-partners into getting abortions and received a tax exemption for his home in Texas.”

The Root, a supposedly black-news media outlet, also celebrated the challenge and their journalists preemptively declared victory for their leftist media personality.

“How would that debate actually play out? Walker seems to have already set himself up at a disadvantage by saying Reid could choose the subject.”

They also mocked Walker for his past playing football at the University of Georgia.

“Given his propensity lately to appear with other Republican senators for interviews, his tendency to go off script and pull out props, it feels like it’s in Walker’s best interest to challenge Reid around more familiar subject matter, like maybe ranking the top NCAA tailbacks of the ‘80s, or maybe University of Georgia athletic department history.”

Unfortunately for Walker, he may have to dig himself out of a hole as his runoff election against Sen. Ralph Warnock approaches, especially given the record-setting early voting that appears to be taking place in Georgia.

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