Sunday, June 23, 2024

Ariz. Republicans Protest Alleged-Gov. Hobbs’s State of the State Address

'Katie Hobbs utilized the time-honored State of the State Address to once again promote her radical, woke policy initiatives... '

(Dmytro “Henry” AleksandrovHeadline USA) A host of Arizona Republican legislators walked out or turned their backs in protest during alleged new Democrat Gov. Katie Hobbs’s delivery of the “State of the State” address on Monday.

The protest initiators were members of the Arizona Freedom caucus, who were joined by several other conservative lawmakers, according to the Post Millennial.

While Republican Senators Anthony Kern and Justine Wadsack decided to stay and turn their backs on Hobbs during her speech, other conservative members walked out when Hobbs said that she would veto any bill that “… delays the liberty or inherent right of any individual to decide what’s best for themselves or their families,” implying that women should be allowed to murder their unborn babies anytime, anywhere and for any reason.

“It took five seconds for Katie Hobbs to begin legislating from the 9th floor, so I will not listen to her rhetoric for even five seconds,” Republican Rep. Rachel Jones tweeted.

“There are too many questions left unanswered, litigation still moving through the courts, and many concerns about the border, not pronouns.”

“This is why I immediately left the House Floor after the start of the State of the State,” Jones added. “I promised to be the voice of the people, and I will never break that promise.”

The Freedom caucus released a statement that blasted Hobbs.

“Katie Hobbs utilized the time-honored State of the State Address to once again promote her radical, woke policy initiatives, rather than address the profoundly serious concerns that Arizonans have regarding the political and fiscal realities of daily life.”

Rep. Alexander Kolodin was also one of the people who refused to listen to Hobbs’s leftist nonsense and decided to do something more productive.

“While Katie Hobbs was speaking I took the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet one-on-one with our guest speaker – Holocaust survivor Hanna Miley,” he said. “Then Chairwoman [Jacqueline] Parker and I got right to work on legislation of importance to the people of Arizona.”
Arizona Republicans, including gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake, don’t agree with results of the recent state gubernatorial race.
“As soon as this order is signed impeachment proceedings should begin against ‘@GovernorHobbs immediately,” Kari Lake War Room tweeted. “This is blatantly unconstitutional.
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