Sunday, December 3, 2023

REPORT: Zuckerberg Gave Half a Billion Dollars to Buy Off Corrupt, Blue-State Voting Officials

'Despite all of those efforts to prevent the American public from seeing the truth, America understands that there are serious problems with these elections...'

Former Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline said Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had contributed to vote fraud by funneling private money to public officials overseeing the administration of voting in several blue regions of crucial battleground states.

Kline, who has risen to national prominence while leading the Thomas More Law Center’s efforts to expose vote fraud under its Amistad Project, announced the release of a report titled “The Legitimacy and Effect of Private Funding in Federal and State Election Processes” during a press conference on Wednesday.

“This evidence that we’re presenting today is present and available to all Americans so that they may see it and assess it, despite the effort of blue-state government officials,” alongside parallel efforts by mainstream media, private interests and corporate oligarchs, Kline said.

Zuckerberg’s infusion of $500 million in dark money had wrought “havoc, confusion, and lawlessness in the 2020 election,” said a press release in advance of Kline’s announcement.

The Amistad Project planned to release a report “exposing a dark money apparatus of 10 nonprofit organizations funded by five foundations whose intent was to fundamentally undermine the electoral system,” said the release.

“This injection of hundreds of millions of dollars into the election … violated state election laws and resulted in an unequal distribution of funding that deprived voters of both due process and equal protection,” it said.

Zuckerberg, whose online publishing platform, Facebook, has racketed up anti-conservative censorship efforts this year, used the funds for much more than a general promotion of civic engagement.

“Zuckerberg paid for the election judges; he purchased the drop boxes—contrary to state law,” Kline said, according to Breitbart.

“He ordered the consolidation of the counting facilities,” Kline continued. “Zuckerberg paid the local officials who boarded up the windows to the counting room; Zuckerberg money purchased the machines, Dominion and otherwise; and Zuckerberg money was contributed to secretaries of state, like Michigan’s Jocelyn Benson, who has fought transparency in this election.”

But the cover-up efforts had failed, thus far, to discourage Trump supporters from insisting that the attacks on democracy be fully exposed.

“Despite all of those efforts to prevent the American public from seeing the truth, America understands that there are serious problems with these elections,” Kline said.

“And its citizens are demanding that … the influence of private moneys in this election through the purchase of local election officials and offices dictating how they manage the election not ever happen again,” he added.

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