Monday, June 5, 2023
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Whoopi Goldberg Mocks Conservatives Who Lost Everything in Tornadoes

'I’ve noticed in the last, I don’t know, seven months, there hasn’t been much denying of climate change going on...'

(Dmytro “Henry” AleksandrovHeadline USA) Whoopi Goldberg, one of the hosts of The View, mocked conservatives who had been left devastated by deadly tornadoes, scoffing that she hadn’t heard as many people denying so-called “climate change” since their houses had been “blown down… for the fourth or the fifth time.”

According to the Daily Wire, Goldberg stated her claims after her co-hosts started talking about “the end of the Republican Party” in the wake of President Donald Trump’s indictment on Tuesday, beginning with Joy Behar’s claim that the party would never win another election.

Behar then lectured that conservatives would never win any more elections and people would refuse to vote Republican because they don’t want to see more school shootings or tornadoes. Behar conflated that voting for Democrats would somehow prevent those things from happening, even though the former is caused primarily by the anti-gun laws pushed by leftists and the latter is a natural disaster that is not affected by politics whatsoever.

Co-host activist Sunny Hostin argued that Republicans are the “party of dinosaurs” and projected that they couldn’t win without “cheating” because they had no real platform and relied instead on “grievance politics.”

She continued her projection by saying that Republicans were using unfair districting maps [gerrymandering] to retain power, even though it is Democrats who are famous for doing such a thing, with the Democrat-controlled state of Illinois being the biggest example.

Goldberg then said with a laugh that at least she hadn’t heard conservatives denying the “climate change” propaganda in a while.

“I’ve noticed in the last, I don’t know, seven months, there hasn’t been much denying of climate change going on,” she said.

“You haven’t heard them — it used to be, ‘I don’t believe it, it’s never happened, it’s never happened —’ and now they are like, ‘Yeah, I think my house just got blown down … for the fourth or fifth time.’ Because… there’s been so much evidence saying something is wrong,” she concluded.

Goldberg made her comments a couple of weeks after tornadoes killed dozens of Americans, with more than 20 losing their lives in Mississippi in late March and another seven in Tennessee just a week later.

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