WHITAKER: Activist Judge Who Accepted Flynn Case Was Peter Strzok’s Neighbor

‘Without the rule of law, without respect for the Constitution, without honest administration in the Justice Department, we don’t have a republic…’

Whitaker Cleared by Justice Dept Ethics Officials to Oversee Mueller
Matthew Whitaker/IMAGE: CNN via YouTube

(Ben Sellers, Liberty Headlines) In a forthcoming book, former acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker piles on to the condemnations of Obama-era officials who politicized some of the nation’s most trusted law-enforcement institutions, according to the Washington Times.

“Without the rule of law, without respect for the Constitution, without honest administration in the Justice Department, we don’t have a republic,” Whitaker writes in Above the Law, due for release on May 19.

The high-profile case against Michael Flynn is among the examples he cites of the incestuous blurring of lines within the Justice Department, the intelligence community, the judiciary and other democratic pillars around which the Left sought to wrap its deep-state tentacles.

Michael Flynn, the former national security adviser, was accused of lying to the FBI about his contact with a Russian diplomat prior to Trump’s inauguration.

But Whitaker reveals that the judge who initially took the case, Rudolph Contreras, just so happened to be a friend and neighbor of Peter Strzok, the corrupt FBI agent who had overseen the FBI probe.

Some have noted already that the law firm that initially represented Flynn, Covington & Burling, also happened to employ former Attorney General Eric Holder, the “wing man” of former President Barack Obama who bears much of the responsibility for setting the partisan tone.

“As longtime professional staff of the Justice Department privately acknowledged to me, the arrogance characteristic of the Obama administration, personified by his first attorney general, Eric Holder, created an above-the-law culture inside the Justice Department,” wrote Whitaker.

Contreras eventually recused himself from the case. However, Emmet Sullivan, the judge currently overseeing the case, has proven equally unethical.

Sullivan took the unprecedented move of rejecting the Justice Department’s motion to drop the case following revelations that Strzok and other top officials deliberately set a perjury trap for Flynn.

Now, the Bill-Clinton-appointed federal district judge is asking that a friend of his, former judge John Gleeson, submit an amicus curiae brief second-guessing the decision of Attorney General William Barr.

That takes the case into uncharted legal territory (unless President Donald Trump were to exercise his power to pardon Flynn), but is certain to draw the case out at the very least—which may play to Trump’s political benefit.

Even so, Holder audaciously claimed that it was Barr who sought to “delegitimize” the judicial process, ignoring the countless examples of his own judicial interference and relentless pursuit of a political agenda.

While Democrats sought to deflect from their misconduct in the 2016 election by using the canard of Russian interference as a scapegoat, Whitaker said the greatest anti-American threat came from within.

“There’s no doubt that Russia tried to influence the 2016 presidential election,” he wrote. “But the political meddling within our own government, within the Justice Department, and within the intelligence community poses a far greater threat to Americans than any Russian internet troll farm.”


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