Wednesday, February 21, 2024

West Point Grads Warn of Woke Military Academy

'We all want the Military to get back on track to training and leading our Armed Forces to secure America and its Citizens... '

(Tony Sifert, Headline USA) Under the nom de plume “Concerned Graduates of West Point and The Long Gray Line,” several retired U.S. military officers have written a letter to West Point demanding an end to academy’s eager participation in the Great Awokening.

In an interview with the Epoch Times, one of the letter’s signatories said the group believed West Point had been betrayed by the upper echelon of military leadership, which has demanded that the academy indoctrinate future officers with the latest DEI and CRT propaganda.

“We wanted to challenge the leadership of the Academy and the Defense Dept on their WOKE actions, CRT, Diversity training and the other discrepancies in the Academy,” retired Major General Paul Vallely told the Times. “We found it pervasive at the Naval and Air Force Academies so we knew it was directed from the highest levels of our Military Leadership.”

“We all want the Military to get back on track to training and leading our Armed Forces to secure America and its Citizens,” Vallely continued.

According to the Times, the letter contained several requests regarding West Point’s commitment to Critical Race Theory, political activism, and progressivism in general.

In particular, the letter sought “an explanation for teaching Critical Race Theory at the Academy that constitutes an attack upon the Constitution and our constitutional Republic.”

The signatories also requested information regarding the academy’s choice of speakers, and indicated that leaders selected only “radical progressive guest speakers to address the Corps of Cadets.”

Another bone of contention was the Pentagon’s demand that servicemembers get the COVID-19 vaccination, or face expulsion from the military.

The letter demanded a “justification for the mandatory vaccinations of cadets with the COVID Virus despite widespread adverse reactions to the inoculation,” the Times reported.

CBS reported last week that around 40,000 National Guard soldiers had failed to get the vaccine and risked dismissal from the service.

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