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Watchdog Uncovers Duplicate Ballots in Calif. Primary Election

‘It’s clear that any plan for mass voting by mail must first include strict enforcement of laws requiring accurate voter lists…’

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Alex Padilla/Photo by Gage Skidmore (CC)

(Ben Sellers, Liberty Headlines) Nationwide, opportunistic Democrats are attempting to press a campaign for mail-in-only ballots, claiming coronavirus fears will either suppress turnout or put public health at risk.

But the proposals have been widely dismissed due to evidence of rampant voter fraud involving absentee ballots.

Now, California, regarded by the Left as a shining beacon of socially advanced progressivism, has helped underscore those concerns following an audit of its March primary.

A watchdog organization—the Election Integrity Project, California—said a sampling of official data had revealed at least 15 duplicate votes in which voters registered under two different names had received—and returned—to separate ballots.

California Secretary of State Alex Padilla admitted in a letter responding to EIPCa Chief Analyst Ellen Swensen that it had referred the cases to local elections officials.

“Following receipt of your letter, we conducted a detailed analysis of the data … and have confirmed that all referenced instances are being properly handled and/or have already been resolved by county elections officials,” Padilla wrote.

The EIPCa said that after sending its findings to Padilla for further investigation, it had uncovered 75 additional suspected duplicate voters, which the state was currently in the process of confirming.

“We are thankful to the Secretary for recognizing the seriousness of our report and for taking action,” said EIPCa President Linda Paine in a press release.

“As California, and the nation, weighs Coronavirus-related proposals to mail ballots to all registrants for the November Presidential election, it’s clear that any plan for mass voting by mail must first include strict enforcement of laws requiring accurate voter lists,” she said.

Padilla, in his letter, attempted to downplay the issue by claiming it was a mere “snapshot” in time and suggesting that many of the issues—which EIPCa said may have been the result of typographical errors—would eventually have been caught.

“At any point in time, counties may have a number of these list maintenance activities in progress or in various states of verification and validation prior to completion,” he said.

But far from offering reassurance, it suggested that even more errors were likely to surface before the state finalized its primary numbers, which was expected to happen on April 24, nearly two months after the votes were cast.

The March 3 primary was a watershed moment for Bernie Sanders, with post-primary analysis focusing on the fact that his win in the state was by a smaller-than-expected margin.

After losing much of his early momentum, Sanders eventually dropped out and endorsed presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

But the EIPCa audit shows that the presence of widespread vote-casting irregularities, paired with the extensive lag time, could be tremendous factors in swaying the eventual winner.

Republicans in the state have noted as much.

In the aftermath of the 2018 midterm election, at least seven GOP victors in tight congressional races saw the outcomes reversed as a result of late returns in the state, which permits the controversial practice of ballot-harvesting, allowing a third party to collect and return absentee votes.

Then-House Speaker Paul Ryan raised questions about the murky and dubious process, but he was quickly dismissed by Padilla, who insisted there was nothing to see there.

California’s defiance of federal requirements that it update its voter rolls regularly have also prompted some to doubt that the far-left state was acting in good faith.

After discovering that Los Angeles County‘s voter rolls contained 112 percent of its adult population, Judicial Watch sued, forcing L.A. officials to clean up their act in a January 2019 settlement that involved purging 1.5 million inactive voters.

But as recently as last year, an independent audit revealed more than 83,000 duplicate records in the state and more than 170,000 that contained errors among the roughly 3 million that were reviewed.

Many on the Left have sought to invalidate President Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential victory by claiming that Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton won the popular vote nationwide by about 2.8 million ballots.

Some are now calling for a new national referendum that would force electors to support the popular-vote winner, effectively eradicating the Electoral College.

That would mean the questionable practices in places like California could undo the will of the voters in every other state that agrees to participate and likely result in permanent left-wing majorities.

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