Friday, March 24, 2023
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WaPo Admits Biden’s Loan Scheme Is Illegal, but So What?

(Molly Bruns, Headline USA) A recent article from the editorial board of the Washington Post concluded that President Joe Biden’s executive order partially forgiving student debt is indeed illegal, but the Supreme Court should allow the order to pass nonetheless.

According to the National Review, the WaPo piece, titled “Biden overreached on student loans,” is followed by the byline “but the court shouldn’t stop him.” The piece rails against Biden’s order, then opined that the Court “lack[s] standing” to challenge the law.

The article described Biden’s order as “expensive and ill-targeted,” “egregious,” and a “regressive and expensive mistake,” despite their support of the initiative.

They also mentioned the low likelihood that the authors of the law the order is based on “were envisioning a future president issuing audacious, across-the-board student loan relief, as opposed to, say, pausing loan payments while soldiers are deployed in a foreign war or helping hurricane survivors rebuild.”

They concluded that the law’s intended purpose and straightforward meaning “is that it permits aid targeted at those who would struggle to repay their loans as a direct result of a serious emergency.”

Despite the concern over the $800 billion expense of the bill, the editorial board argued that the Court could not step in because the “administrations opponents, which include several states and tow individuals, ‘lack standing’ —that is, a direct, concrete stake in the outcome — to challenge the law.”

The piece argued more that the Supreme Court taking action against the Executive branch designating hundreds of billions of dollars to a system that not everyone partakes in without Congressional approval than about President Biden’s ludicrous overreach, which would cost taxpayers thousands of dollars.

Biden stated his confidence in the matter, responding to the Supreme Court hearing arguments against the plan.

“I’m confident the legal authority to carry that plan is there,” Biden said.

The White House asked the court to reject legal challenges from conservatives attempting to fight the order.

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