Sunday, October 1, 2023

Tucker: ‘Creepy’ Mike Pence Undermined the Trump Administration

'I’ve been around him a lot, and always felt that he was a totally sinister figure, craven and dishonest. Everything about Pence is false... '

(Robert Jonathan, Headline USA) It seems unlikely that Tucker Carlson and Mike Pence will be hanging out at the same Labor Day barbecue, if published comments attributed to the former Fox News star are any indication.

Writing on his Substack page that is called “The Dossier,” investigative journalist Jordan Schachtel revealed on Tuesday that he obtained an advance copy of the Chadwick Moore-authored Carlson biography

In it, the ex-FNC host purportedly provided a candid assessment of Donald Trump’s 2016 running mate. Carlson frequently interviewed the-then Indiana congressman and apparently formed an opinion at that time.

“I’ve been around him a lot, and always felt that he was a totally sinister figure, craven and dishonest. Everything about Pence is false,” Tucker reportedly told Moore.

He also reportedly described the politician as “creepy as hell.”

Unfortunately, according to Carlson, it got even worse.

“Carlson tells the author that he believes Pence purposely sabotaged the Trump Administration over the entire course of his tenure. He believes that the Pence insubordination campaign went into overdrive during the covid hysteria era,” Schachtel asserted.

None of those alleged machinations takes the 45th president off the hook for the administration’s decison-making, Carlson conceded, but “Carlson perceives Pence’s role as someone deployed into the administration to ‘undermine Trump and to keep an eye on him,'” Schachtel explained.

Tucker effectively ended Pence’s 2024 presidential aspirations when, under Carlson’s questioning at the 2023 Family Leader Summit in Iowa, the former governor and VP  seemed far more interested in giving Ukraine an ongoing blank check rather than delivering needed assistance to dystopian U.S. cities.

Following the Iowa Event, Carlson joked to a Turning Point USA crowd about his dialogue with Pence that “You don’t feel good when you beat your 5-year-old in soccer or ping pong.”

Absent extraordinary circumstances, i.e., primarily Trump’s legal woes, it’s difficult to see a path to the GOP nomination for an establishment candidate like Pence, let alone a RINO like Asa Hutchinson, whose career also cratered during the same event when he was on stage with Carlson.

A frequent guest on the cancelled Tucker Carlson Tonight broadcast, Moore began writing the book well before Fox News abruptly parted ways with its host.

As a result of the timing (and its aftermath, which is often everything), however, the bio — which has a formal Aug. 1 release date — is likely to become an instant best-seller.

Carlson is in the process of launching a new media company, with Twitter as its initial platform.

In the pre-order phase, the hardcover version of Tucker is currently number one in biographies on Amazon.

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