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Trump Releases Long-Awaited Evidence of 2020 Vote Fraud

(Molly Bruns, Headline USA) Former President Donald Trump’s long-awaited release of findings following extensive investigations into vote fraud in the swing states of the 2020 election revealed chronic irregularities, manipulated and destroyed records, and enormous amounts of fraud.

Despite Democrats’ constant refrain that the 2020 election was clean and fair, the investigations revealed several incongruent counts, corrupted electronic files and a great deal of missing information.

“It has often been repeated there is ‘no evidence’ of fraud in the 2020 Election,’ said a tweet from social-media influencer KanekoaTheGreat introducing a lengthy thread about the report. “In actuality, there is no evidence Joe Biden won.”

The report issued by Team Trump detailed much of the fraudulent action taken in the swing states of Georgia, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Arizona and Michigan.

Many of the irregularities had to do with destruction and forgery of ballots, issuing of ballots to addresses and people that do not exist, tampering with ballot boxes and fraudulent mail-in votes.

In Georgia, poll managers did not witness or sign off on any early voting ballots—a legal requirement in the state. Unidentified parties tampered with the seals of hard copy ballots; election workers printed off votes cast electronically on different machines than the ones that tabulated them, preventing accurate vote count.

In-person ballots from Election Day in Fulton County were destroyed.

“The vote in Georgia was counted three times: the original machine count, a statewide hand recount, and a second machine count, ” the report read. “Each time the state, and Fulton County, reported three different results.”

Wisconsin, in particular, had difficulties with mail-in ballots and voter ID laws. Election integrity groups identified 107 ballot traffickers in Milwaukee County in the days leading up to the election, making visits to drop boxes several times a day.

The percentage of people who identified themselves as “indefinitely confined” on their ballot rose 287% across the state. In 2016, only 56,978 identified themselves as “indefinitely confined.”

To the East, Pennsylvania struggled with their counts as well, ending up with 121,240 more votes than voters.

The report expressed that interference by state employees, such as then-state Attorney General Josh Shapiro, and private actors, like Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, likely had an influence on the election as well.

Arizona’s infamous issues with mail-in voting proved to be the top issue for the state, with 20,000 ballots coming in via USPS in the days following the election. The state called a win for Joe Biden by a margin of 10,457 votes.

Over 400,000 ballots cast in Maricopa County failed signature verification standards, and nearly 10% of reviewed ballots had completely mismatched signatures.

Michigan had over 271,000 more votes than qualified voters, more than one and a half times the election margin. Someone removed thousands of votes from voter-history files, and tampered with individual voter histories.

Even Democrat Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s 2020 voting history went missing.

Investigators caught Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson making illegal changes to signature verification rules, and ordered all election workers to assume the signatures were legitimate.

City employees made reports of massive quantities of ballots showing up at voter registration offices, many of them uncertifiable, in the same handwriting or from false addresses.

A police investigation in Muskegon revealed that the organization behind the scheme was GBI Strategies. A Super PAC known as Black PAC hired the group to register voters for Biden. The city and state police speculated that the group has operations throughout Michigan and in other swing states.

The FBI took the Muskegon case from the Michigan State Police, and the matter remained unquestioned until a 2023 Michigan Freedom of Information Act request.

Trump released the report, which is essentially a compilation of different investigations from election fraud watchdog organizations, on Thursday.

Several left-wing news sources already decried the findings as “dead end” and a “mirage.” Leftist media also attempted to pre-empt the report’s release with an op-ed in USA Today by a RINO claiming to have been hired by Trump to investigate vote fraud.

Ken Block, a failed Rhode Island gubernatorial candidate and founder of the Moderate Party, claimed that Trump had paid $750,000 to his software company but that he found no evidence that would be legally admissible.

It is unclear whether Block disclosed his political biases in advance of the alleged contract. He is currently promoting a book due for release in March.

Trump had earlier pledged a release of the vote fraud evidence in connection with the lawfare cases against him—specifically the Fulton County case that alleges he and 18 “co-conspirators” were engaged in a racketeering scheme to steal the election.

The evidence proving the election was stolen on Biden’s behalf offers a direct rebuttal to those charges.

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