TRUMP: Racist Biden ‘No Longer Worthy of the Black Vote’

'Joe Biden insulted every black American today. And he should not be president. He is the racist...'

Democrat presidential contender Joe Biden‘s most recent racist remark drew a searing e-mail Friday from President Donald Trump, who said the presumptive rival was unworthy of support from voters of color.

The latest controversy came when the 77-year-old former vice president appeared during a Yahoo! News interview to suggest that the black community lacked diversity.

“By the way, what you all know but most people don’t know, unlike the African-American community—with notable exceptions—the Latino community is an incredibly diverse community with incredibly different attitudes about different things.”

The comment echoed Biden’s previous blunder in which he appeared to take black voters for granted by saying if they were having trouble deciding between him and Trump, “You ain’t black.”

It continued to amplify the growing concerns both of his cavalier attitudes on race and of his apparent cognitive decline, which some speculate now appears to be full-blown dementia.

Biden has an extensive and well-documented track record of making offensive racial statements—as well as several alarming blights on his voting record following nearly four decades in the U.S. Senate.

However, Thursday’s comment was the first since the Memorial Day death of George Floyd helped trigger nationwide race-riots and a politically correct “reckoning” that resulted in the removal of many relics from America’s past now deemed racist.

Biden’s prior controversy happened only a day before Floyd died while in the custody of Minneapolis police officers who had used a questionable neck restraint to subdue him as he fearfully begged for his life before a crowd of onlookers.

Biden’s Democrat allies in the media and in the black community have largely glossed over the valid concerns about the candidate, while many—including Biden himself—have taken out of context comments Trump made early in his presidency about a 2017 clash in Charlottesville, Va., to spuriously smear the president as a racist.

But as Twitter commenters observed, Biden may be in for his own racial reckoning soon—or at the very least open a path for Trump to poach black voters, whose tendency to support Democrats, despite the party’s appallingly racist history, has often flummoxed GOP politicians.

With high-profile supporters like Candace Owens and rapper Kanye West leading the way, the Blexit movement has continued to gain steam, denouncing the “plantation politics” of the Left who use pandering to bribe and placate impoverished minority voters while ushering them into a cycle of government dependency and subjugation.

Another recent convert, Fox News correspondent Leo Terrell, torched Biden for the latest blunder during an appearance on the Sean Hannity show Thursday, reported TownHall.com.

“He thinks he knows however a black person thinks, how we walk, what we should eat,” Terrell said. “Joe Biden doesn’t understand that black people are individual.”

He noted as an example the differences between moderate former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice and radical, race-baiting charlatan Al Sharpton as an example of the drastically different mindsets within the black community, much as with any other community or demographic.

“No one black person speaks for black America,” Terrell said.

“MSNBC, they wouldn’t cover this today,” he continued. “Donald Trump is absolutely right. Joe Biden insulted every black American today. And he should not be president. He is the racist.”

Terrell, himself a former Democrat and Trump critic, concluded that with race issues front and center in the national dialogue it was shameful that many African–American voters remained willfully ignorant and chose to turn a blind eye when it came to their political allegiances.

“What is so amazing to me is they are going to put this guy out in front and say the only reason why he gave me a pass because he has a D in front of his name, not a R,” Terrell said.

“Republicans are the people who believe in a color-blind society,” he added. “Democrats are the ones who believe in identity and race politics.”


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