Tag: University of North Carolina

Conservative Professor Found Dead Just One Week Prior to $500K Settlement

Professor Mike Adams, an outspoken activist for conservative causes including free speech protections and opposition to abortion, was found dead at his North Carolina...

Woke ‘Union Soldier Campaign’ Pushes UNC to Abandon ‘Tar Heels’ Name

Woke protestors are calling on the University of North Carolina to abandon its longstanding nickname, the Tar Heels. According to a group called the Union...

Universities Threaten to Keep Students’ Housing $$, Even if They Shut Down Again

At least two public universities in North Carolina---one tied to the state's flagship UNC system---said they will keep student housing money if they shut down again due to coronavirus hysteria.

College Students Sue for Tuition Refunds Due to COVID Campus Closures

'The value of any degree issued on the basis of online or pass/fail classes will be diminished....' (Michael Barnes, Liberty Headlines) College students aren’t getting...


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