Monday, July 15, 2024

Suspected Illegal Immigrants Try Breaking Into House 50 Miles From Border

'I’ll invite any politician who says this border is secure to come down to Eagle Pass so I can show them personally if it’s secure or not...'

(Dmytro “Henry” AleksandrovHeadline USA) Security footage from a Texas ranch house 50 miles from the southern border captured suspected illegal immigrants unsuccessfully trying to enter the ranch.

Border Patrol was called to the home that was located at the Eagle Pass, but the men who tried to break into the house were not there anymore when they arrived, according to the Daily Wire.

Last month, Chief Manuel Mello of the Eagle Pass Fire Department said that his border town, Eagle Pass, became a prime site for illegal immigrants to come across the border — roughly 2,000 illegal crossings each day.

“I’ll invite any politician who says this border is secure to come down to Eagle Pass so I can show them personally if it’s secure or not,” he said.

“We’ve got people from all over the world crossing over. You see ’em in town, you see ’em everywhere.”

However, instead of solving the problem by sending illegals back where they came from, the government makes everything worse — it builds a huge 153,000-square-foot compound [with a population of 30,000] to accommodate illegal immigrants.

“So what are you telling the Third World? Now is the time to come,” Ron Vitiello, former Deputy Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) told CBN News.

“To suggest that they’re going to be removed because they came here illegally like it’s gonna happen is a fantasy.”

“It’s never been this bad. Six to eight thousand people every 24 hours crossing the border. They inherited a border that was experiencing 40-year lows in illegal crossings,” he added.

“We’ve never had a situation where we have an uncontrollable surge on the border and the people responsible for abating it have walked away.”

Lt. Efrain Valdez of the Eagle Pass Sheriff’s Department gave another reason why so many illegals come specifically to this small border town.

“They come to this area because they don’t have to deal with a lot of cartels like in Tamaulipas, the other states,” he said.

And since illegals realize that under this administration everything goes, they decide to do whatever they want, including killing pets, burglarizing stores and rapping on homes’ doors late at night, Fox News reported.

“I don’t feel safe,” Laura Ramos, a local business owner, said and added that she keeps “several weapons” at her store and taught her children how to use tasers.

“It’s something that has had to be done because we don’t know what can happen. We don’t know these people or where they come from.”

“It’s pretty scary,” another resident said, referring to his youngest sister hearing rap on her bedroom window late at night.

“We’re getting used to it already because unfortunately, nothing is really being done.”

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