Friday, January 27, 2023
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Steven Crowder Blasts ‘Big Con,’ the Daily Wire Responds

'I went into free agency, I looked over the offers and I saw the claws come out...'

(Dmytro “Henry” AleksandrovHeadline USA) Steven Crowder, a conservative personality, blasted big conservative news corporations over their employment contracts earlier this week, saying these companies “punish conservative content creators on behalf of Big tech.”

Crowder, who has been demonetized on YouTube for a very long time, posted a 28-minute video on Tuesday to his channel talking about the terms of an employment offer from a conservative media company that he did not name, according to Breitbart.

“I went into free agency, I looked over the offers and I saw the claws come out,” he said. “And I don’t just mean unreasonable demands for control, but what I would argue are immoral terms that actually punish conservative content creators on behalf of Big Tech.”

Crowder’s video went viral and people started to think about what company put forward the offer. Many people thought that it was the Daily Wire

On Wednesday, Jeremy Boreing — the Daily Wire CEO — said that, indeed, the company offered Crowder a job. In a 52-minute video, Boreing defended the “opening offer,” which was revealed to be a four-year deal worth fifty million dollars, with an option to renew the deal for another two years at twenty-five million dollars.

Aside from the regular content that Crowder was supposed to produce, there was a part of the contract that was called “Boycotts, Content Strikes, or Bans from Major Social Media Platforms” that seemed to be a concern for Crowder, since if people and Big Tech would boycott his content, he would lose money.

Crowder suggested that it is an opportunity for leftists to control a content creator.

“Hey liberals, boycotts work. They work on our guys. We’ll punish them for you.”

However, Boreing defended the company by saying that ”this isn’t about punishing the content creator.”

“This is about if the Daily Wire is going to leverage… probably $100 million by the time you have marketing, infrastructure costs, by the time you pay for all the legal compliance, all technology that it takes to support Steven’s show, and Steven’s show even at the price that we offered for it,” Boreing said.

“If the show makes dramatically less money, well, then Steven has to make less money because we’re making less money.”

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